Monday, January 16, 2012

Upward and Paraguard

I'm off to Paraguay in the next few days, assuming I can get a bus out of Tarija, Bolivia. It was so hard to find a hotel room when I first got here that I seriously considered getting back on a bus and leaving. I am lucky that I found a place at last, and that I really like this town.

Today I tried leaving, and I couldn't get a bus ticket. Not one of the three companies going to Villamonte, Bolivia had a seat for sale. That place is the last bus stop before the frontier, which is a few hundred miles further. I don't know how I will find a hotel room there. I went back to the hotel I had checked out of earlier today and was told there were no rooms left. It was the same all over town. I can't understand this place. I finally ended up in a luxury place with super wifi, and hence, if one looks, there are a dozen posts this evening alone and nothing much for most of a month in Bolivia. Money does wonders for this old boy.

Soon it's Paraguay. I have my visa long ago from the embassy in La Paz.

Neat building, great-looking fancy visa befitting a Third World country that impresses people with paper stuff like visas. Nicer the visa, worse the country, in my experience. But life is for learning.

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