Saturday, September 25, 2010

What would Jesus do?

What would Jesus do?

Uh... what? I just watched the video at the link.

I don't care what Jesus would do. What was I thinking?

That's what I want to know.


Dag said...

I've watched the whole Dexter series from front to back in ten minute instalments on the Internet. I like it that way. I can come and go as I please, taking however long I care to to get through an episode. Very likeable series, I think.

Watching a woman being murdered by Muslim savages throwing rocks at her?

Where are you, Dexter!?

thedailyrasp said...

I've never seen that show but I have seen the Sharia enforced stonings by the depraved islamists via the internet (or else we would not likely have an opportunity).
I always shake my head and wonder were the hell are those soooo righteous feminatzis? Then I realize they are probably at another taxpayer funded seminar, conference, junket on diversity in the workplace or the politics of identity in kindergarten or ....

You get the idea. JMO.

Dag said...

I find that I don't feel comfortable with television viewing because I can't set the pace. I can't speed it up or slow it down or address issues in the margins, unlike reading a printed page. But ten minute instalments of Dexter on the Internet is OK. And I find I like it as drama and psychology. When I first read about the show I was totally put off, thinking there's no way I would like a story about a psychopathic vigilante. I would yet. I do like Dexter.

I do not, like you, like those people who strut around preaching about their moralisms, their dediction to the rights of women, for example, while excusing for any reason they can concoct, men who murder women, particularly as we see in the video above. The "feminists" have no interest in women's rights, even the basic right to live, and instead focus their efforts on "feminism" as a specific ideology that has nothing to do with women. If any of those fools cared about women, they'd be out in force demanding safety for Molly Norris. Not a sign of them doing so. Worse still, I don't see men doing anything to protect her either. Ideology and personal advantage rule. Dexter, well, he's not so much into ideology. The "Code of Harry" is far better. That's for a thinking man.

christian soldier said...

What would Jesus do---
As I recall Jesus said-"He who has never sinned-cast the first stone."
All of the guys dropped the stones they were carrying ...

Liked the juxtaposition of the movie clip from Black Hawk Down and the poem.
the Percy Faith videos were heart warmers-

Dag said...

Hellos, Carol, thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment. You give me a chance here to make plain, if it's not already, that I, though a lapsed Protestant, am far from antipathetic toward Christianity. My personal lack of belief in specificities regarding this comes from decades of travel, not from reading Darwin or some such nonsense. I can hardly think of anything more pathetic than one who claims to be an atheist because of an adherence to "science." It is, if one knows what it is, "scientism" that they laud, not more. Silly, unhappy people.

So, that out of the way, "Hello!" Glad you liked the music and the poem.