Monday, September 27, 2010

Hippie Punching

There are two kinds of hippies at this here blog: there's yer Conformity Hippies that I go on about, and there's yer Death Hippies that I really go on about. Some generic hippies are whining about "Hippie Punching." I like the idea, and here is some expert advice on How To.

Hippie Punching FAQ
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Unfortunately, American society has gotten lax on hippie punching to the point I thought I should write an FAQ to better explain the issue to those who don't currently engage in the punching of hippies. Hopefully one day this will all become so natural again that a hippie punching FAQ will be about as necessary as a flipping people off in traffic FAQ.


Q. Where is best to punch a hippie?

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Anonymous said...

My spouse knows the ins-and-outs better than you do, I daresay . . .
Sometimes they punch back. I think those were only pseudo-hippies. He's had 5 broken noses. Of course, some were from being an MP in the Army Reserves.

Dag said...

Any guy who has his nose broken five times has done a lot of damage to other people's hands. Good for your guy. I assume he did worse than that as well. So double good!

You know, often people really do need to get their butts kicked. It saves a lot of grief over-all if that happens. I think even hippies could learn from a good whupping.

Well, maybe not. But it's worth trying.

Anonymous said...

If only they had lived to tell . . . seriously, he was known as the guy in town who protected those getting bullied and yes, he did A LOT of damage. He was known as the bad ass but good guy in town. He always made friends afterward. He was known as the bad ass to the bad guys. He was protector of many but got a lot of broken noses to show for it.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to disparage your own abilities. You've seen more blood and horror and violence than anyone we've ever known. Now you're safe; please stay that way.

Dag said...

When it comes to "The Horror" I think I'm right in calling hippies Death Hippies, and that's because they are the cause of it, of the devastation I see around the world, including at home, caused by hippie schemes to return everyone to a primitive state of subsistence and "authenticity" that they have no idea about. They kill people, and I mean millions, with their evil bullshit schemes to make the world a primitive paradise. I see it as a passerby, but I'm not a hippie mired in its making and continuance. Those bastards are genuinely evil, seeing their own work and not seeing the horror of it all. They live with their evil continuously, and I only see it occasionally; thus, they see far more that I ever will. The rest of us, somewhat sensitive to Humans, get sickened, that being the essential difference between us and the hippies.