Friday, September 24, 2010

Did anyone see Beverly Giesbrecht at the "Seriously Free Speech" talk?

Has anyone seen Beverly Giesbrecht? I thought maybe she was one of the audience members of the session I attended this evening:

I sat in a small auditorium this evening at a downtown campus of a local suburban university and I could swear that Beverly was there among the audience, though they pretty much all looked the same: old people, grey pony tails, and hippie attire, row upon row, clapping over comments by a gaggle of shop-worn Death Hippies going on about the Jooos!

Beverly. You would probably recognise her alone, but in that crowd it was hard to tell one from another.

About Bev, just for a sec.

By Travis Lupick, March 27, 2009

On March 20, the Globe and Mail posted a video on its Web site that showed West Vancouver resident Khadija Abdul Qahaar in Pakistan begging for her life. How did she get there?


Giesbrecht was a born-again Christian until shortly after the September 11 attacks when she embraced Islam. For several years, she regularly espoused ideas and arguments similar to those of Islamic fundamentalists. In November, she was kidnapped by the Taliban. Today, she remains held for ransom in Pakistan, allegedly near the border with Afghanistan. In the March 20 video, Qahaar, 52, states that she expects to be killed by the end of the month. ...


I don't know where Bev is off to, and maybe she wasn't at the evening's meeting, but there were plenty who could have passed for her twins.

Frankly, of the lot of them in the audience this evening, the only one I found even vaguely interesting was the young Lebanese Palestinian homosexual I chatted with for a bit. I'm not, myself, but I can't condemn a guy for that, so I just mention that he was nice. As far as the "I'm not a Jew-hater, but" crowd, well, what can I say?

The gay guy was cute. Maybe he has a sister he can introduce me too. Otherwise, the evening, for me, was a dud, bud. And that is my seriously free speech.


Anonymous said...

How absolutely horrific.

Dag said...

You know, I feel sorry for some of those people, many of whom are Jewish, and so twisted by the desire to "fit in" and be accepted in the world that they turn on themselves and each other, becoming "Proud to be ashamed of being Jewish."

Even the lunatic across the city, Bev. G. deserves some sympathy from us, in a small way: she hopped on what she assumed would be the cool bus, i.e. jihad, and didn't, like the fools in the audience last evening, have the slightest idea just who these serious people are she was playing with. Bev. G. and the people in the audience last night like to play dress-up and pretend that they are interesting and fun and so on, but they can and do get themselves into situations where they end up looking like the photo above of Bev. G. Reality is sometimes very bad. I've seen fools playing games like this, and I've seen them end in misery and death that hurts to witness.

But for all the hurt that comes from seeing these fools suffer, we have to keep in mind that they would have us all suffer the same fate. They are mentally ill, and we DO NOT have to play this game with them. Yes, religious Fanatics have the podium of publicity today and for decades now, but I for one do not pay them much heed, regardless of the slurs and slagging. Thus, I can travel through hostile lands and come out alive and free while the dhimmi idiots stay behind, enslaved and looking like that pathetic woman in the second photo above. There is no way anyone can talk me into living like Bev G. just to impress the leftists with conformity to their illnesses.

I sat in a small but overflowing auditorium last evening with dhimmis so dense they would likely all fall over themselves to join Bev G. and live her fate too. I would beat them, in all senses of the term.

Our intelligentsia. Horrific indeed.

Dag said...

There's an up-tick in interest in this post, which I assume means in Bev. G. Some of this interest is from the Canadian Government. Anyone else is free to leave a message or comment here.

Dag said...

This story is maintaining the interest of the reading public, who knows why, and I will repeat me extended invitation to those who care to leave comments.

Thanks, Dag.

Dag said...

I really don't care, but the news is that she'd dead. Oh well. She won't do that again.

Dag said...

May 7, 2011. This, and related stories, brings many people round for some reason. I do offer my condolences to the family, but beyond simple sympathy for a woman who died miserably, I can't offer more.

If you have anything good to say about B.G. you are welcome to do so here. She wasn't in any way tragic, just pathetic. But someone might have cared about her, and if this is the only place one can find that, then please let the world know that she had at least one friend.

J├╝rgen Mittendorfer said...

She get what she she rots in the much for the "peacefully" Islam