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British Conservative Party government attacks native citizens with shotguns....

"We've been working very closely with the Muslim community.... "

The Conservative Party prime minister of Britain has threatened to ban opposition to his plan to Islamise the nation. A few days ago his police forces have shot out the tyres of a van carrying a law-abiding citizen because, it seems, some Muslims complained that the driver and his mates were planning to bomb a mosque. Half a dozen people were arrested, then released without charge-- because they were falsely accused. That hardly matters to the British ruling class. There will be more incidents like this because the British ruling class is at war with the British people.

The British ruling class and the Left dhimmi fascist intelligentsia and their followers are determined to destroy the nations of Britain and to turn them into a multi-cultural utopias. Those, such as the English Defence League, are not merely hounded by police, they are shot at and beaten and arrested and generally vilified by the rulership of Britain. Reaction among the alarmed is usually along the lines of, "Someone should do something." The prime minister wants to ban opposition to Islamisation of Britain. That's something.

Hugh Fitzgerald has the line of the year, this concerning David Cameron:

"He doesn't have the mental pencil to connect the dots."


Jasbir Authi, "David Cameron makes dash to West Midlands," Birmingham Mail. 6 May 6 2010.
DAVID Cameron would look to ban groups like the English Defence League if he wins the general election, he said during his latest visit to the Midlands yesterday.
The Conservative leader made his pledge as he met employees at West Midlands Ambulance Service Depot in Dudley, following the Bank Holiday demonstrations by the group in the town, in a final attempt to convince voters to swing to Tory. Mr Cameron said: “The EDL are terrible people, we would always keep these groups under review and if we needed to ban them, we would ban them or any groups which incite hatred.”

Not satisfied with banning the EDL, Cameron now wants to allow unrestricted Muslim immigration into Britain. Those who object? Maybe Cameron will have them shot. So far just beatings and imprisonment without bail.

Pamela Geller, "Free the Dudley 2," Atlas Shrugs. 5 May 2010.
Senior EDL leadership has advised me that "the two lads both went on the roof in perfect health, now one of the protesters, Leon, has a broken arm and a black eye due to a vicious beating by police. To add insult to injury they have both been remanded in custody until their court date. They have been charged with burglary and inciting religious hatred. This is because they played the Islamic call to prayer, and the kufar are not allowed to do this."

For the British intelligentsia, the most important thing on earth is to create their vision of a multi-cultural utopia. The people be damned. Beat them, gaol them, just shoot them.

Jason Groves, "Turkey must join EU, says Cameron: 'Those who are against are playing on fears of Islam' " Daily Mail. 27 July 2010
David Cameron today accused critics of Turkey’s membership of the EU of playing on fears of Islam - as he pledged to ‘pave the road from Ankara to Brussels’.
In a speech in the Turkish capital the Prime Minister promised to ‘fight’ to help the Islamic state achieve its 50-year goal of EU membership.
He said that, by embracing the moderate Muslim nation, the EU can improve relations with the rest of the Islamic world.
And he hit out at those who ‘wilfully misunderstand Islam’ in order to oppose Turkey’s membership.
Mr Cameron pledged to become the country’s ‘strongest possible advocate’.
He said: ‘I’m here to make the case for Turkey’s membership of the EU. And fight for it.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1297906/Turkey-join-EU-says-Cameron-Those-playing-fears-Islam.html#ixzz0uvEjGSyw

Maybe that's not quite clear enough. Here's more:

Kitty Donaldson, "Cameron Vows to Support Turkish Quest to Join European Union," Blomberg. 27 July 2010
U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron called on other European Union nations to drop their objections to Turkey’s joining the 27-nation bloc.

“I will remain your strongest possible advocate for EU membership and for greater influence at the top table of European diplomacy,” Cameron said in a speech in the Turkish capital, Ankara, today. “Together, I want us to pave the road from Ankara to Brussels.”

Regarding the tiny minority of Muslims who have highjacked the peaceful religion of shari'a, dhimmitude, and eternal jihad, the Muslim police gangs of Britain want the British to stfu and let them do their jobs.

Melanie Philips, "The thin blue line of jihad," The Spectator. 21 January 2010
The Telegraph reports that the National Association of Muslim Police has attacked government policy on countering Islamic extremism. In evidence to a parliamentary committee investigating Islamic extremism, the NAMP attacked the Government’s anti-terrorism strategy, warning that it is an ‘affront to British values’ which threatens to trigger ethnic unrest... that ministers were wrong to blame Islam for being the ‘driver’ behind recent terrorist attacks. Far-Right extremists were a more dangerous threat to national security... that Muslims were being ‘stigmatised’ by the Government’s attempts to tackle terrorism, which was adding to ‘hatred’ against entire communities. ...The memorandum warned that Muslims were subjected to 'daily abuse' due to the strategy. 'We must not diminish our British values further by continuing to allow such behaviour and policies to continue unchecked.'


But when all else fails, just shoot.

Jim Durkin, "EDL members arrested over Bournemouth mosque bomb plot fears," Daily Echo. 27 July 2010
ARMED police opened fire during an operation to arrest members of the controversial far-right English Defence League, who were feared to be masterminding an attack at a Bournemouth mosque.
Marksmen shot the tyres out on a van belonging to John Broomfield, who describes himself as Dorset EDL head, as he drove alone through Corfe Castle.
He and six others were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause an explosion at a Bournemouth mosque.
All seven, including at least six EDL members, have since been released without charge.
[Police say,] “We’ve been working very closely with the Muslim community since last Thursday and our local safer neighbourhood teams have been providing advice and reassurance throughout.
“At this stage there is no indication whatsoever that any of the mosques in Dorset are under threat of attack.”
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I allow comments here, staff shortage notwithstanding.


"We've been working very closely with the Muslim community.... "

Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur we have some smashing good active verbs to fill in this story.

Seven arrested over Bournemouth far-right mosque 'bomb plot'

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 7:29 PM on 27th July 2010

[EDL member] John Broomfield, 27, ... was pulled from his stationary vehicle after armed police opened fire on his van in Corfe Castle village.
[Police said:] "We've been working very closely with the Muslim community.... "
Officers had followed Broomfield home from work and waited until he was stuck in traffic in the tourist spot before they pounced. When his van came to a halt they fired rounds into the tyres. They then smashed a window and dragged him out in shocking scenes that followed an investigation into alleged plans to blow up a nearby mosque. The marksmen used special rapid tyre deflation rounds to disable the white Ford Escort van. Police then swooped on Mr Broomfield's home in Swanage and seized computer equipment, mobile phones and passports.

Mr Broomfield, the head of the Dorset EDL, said yesterday: 'While travelling home from work I was stopped and arrested by armed police. 'I approached a roundabout near Corfe Castle and there were about six cars in front of me. 'There was an unmarked police car in a lay-by and within seconds of me stopping police appeared from it, ran up the road and shot at my tyres and smashed the window in. 'It was extremely scary. I was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause an explosion at a Bournemouth mosque.' He continued: 'Five other members of the EDL were also arrested and held for 24 hours for questioning while searches of their homes took place. Then all of us were released without charge.'
Of the alleged plan to blow up the mosque, he added: 'There has been no conspiracy, there has never been any conspiracy.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1298086/Seven-arrested-Bournemouth-far-right-mosque-bomb-plot.html?ITO=1490#ixzz0uwtjwpzJ

Far right bomb plot? Who writes this crap? The same kind of person who acts as a dhimmi policeman in pursuit of "order." I have some sympathy for the police, not just in Britain or America, but for most professional police. The fact is they are not generally committed to a state or an ideology but to "Order" itself. I have nothing against order. I prefer it to disorder, which one might experience in war-time and conflict on a grand scale.

I'll give a brief personal anecdote to explain what I mean: I encountered an ex-Stasi agent to whom I was seriously close to harming. He told me, (which saved him,) that he cared not at all why he arrested people, not whether they were right or wrong, only that they had broken the laws it was his professional duty to uphold. Yes, it's a Nazi defence, but I can't just write it off. It's not my place to dispense justice in the world. He's a seriously bad guy, and maybe I'm not so good either; but there is law to deal with such people. If he gets away, then my conscience is not burdened for a life-time with his end. If the law never gets him, then he can survive in the jungle till he dies. The worst that can happen to him, and it likely will, is that he will never suffer from any awareness of his own evil. That's a punishment beyond anything anyone can serve him.

In the case of the English dhimmis, these men and women are working class idiots who have no sense or imagination. Like most people, they follow what others follow, doing harm because they're too stupid to think for themselves. A time will come when the ethos changes, and the idiots today will be idiots working for us tomorrow. Disgusting to the moral as it is, that's life. It does no good to take it personally. These people, the police, the Muslims, the Trotskyite fool dhimmis, most of them are social animals acting as the herd acts. Punishing them for it is to lessen us. I left my hatred at a lake-side as a young man, and I hope never to pick it up from the mud again. People are just people. The worst we should definitely hang, but the vast majority will do whatever everyone else does. Too damned bad. Such is life.

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