Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Shy and Quiet Innocent Muslim Yoot accidentally beats to death a 78 year old woman in Sweden.

Potential Muslim victims fear possible violence from Swedes after one Muslim is arrested for accidentally beating to death a 78 year old woman and beating her 71 year old husband.

Sweden: Muslim community fears violence after attack on elderly couple

An elderly couple was attacked last Monday when trying to park their car in the Swedish town of Landskrona. [...] [A] young man (23) ... became so upset, he threw the car door on the 71 year old man, Sven, who fell down. The young man then started beating the 71 year old.

The older man's 78 year old wife, Inger, tried to intervene, but was punched in the face and fainted.

The younger man fled in his car. ... The 71 year was in shock and had injuries to his face and back. The 78 year old ... died of her injuries Wednesday.

[A]t least 20 people who say the suspect was the murderer.

The suspect is described by his former school friends as shy and quiet. "He was calm and composed and a good student," said one of them.


"We are deeply shocked and saddened and have difficulty understanding that this tragedy has really happened," said Othman Tawalbeh to the TT news agency outside Sofia Albertina church.


Ashraf Mahjoub from one of the muslim associations ... [is] unhappy that the 23 year old suspect held by police, who denies all involvement, had his identity and address put out on facebook.

"His family have been threatened. He is convicted in advance." he told TT.


In his speech he protested against the "we and them" attitude spreading in society.

"Violence has no ethnicity, it has no religion," he said in response to the online hate-campaign against the suspect, who is of immigrant background.


Four Islamic and Arab associations called for a press conference in order to calm the unrest in Landskrona after the fatal beating of Inger, 78. Though the associations call it an accident, while the police classifies it as a murder.

[s]aid Said Hadrous, head of Islamic group 194 in Landskrona:

"We have a feeling that there's an agenda of a certain party which, unfortunately, wants to exploit this situation to their advantage."


The associations treat the murder very seriously, but also warn the incident can "cause xenophobia in our society".


"[P]eople shouldn't generalize."


The suspect's ... family shared their condolences with the family of the deceased Inger (78), but also said: "We are very worn out and do not feel good at all, our children have been badly affected and scared. The accident caused us enormous grief in our lives."

The family says they've received death threats after the suspect's identity was published online, and one of the brothers said he doesn't dare let his children go to school. The suspect's wife got a call from someone saying they'll kill her children.

The 36 year old brother said his wife and children have left Landskrona. They can't sleep but are terrified and do not feel good at all....

According to the suspect's lawyer, the suspect denies everything. His lawyer also said that the suspect was threatened by phone and by internet, that those threats have racist characteristics and that he's taken it up the issue of his protection with the police.


Ferki Hamad, an imam in Landskrona, has known the family for several years.

"Their situation is very complicated. They've got phone calls all night yesterday and the day before. Those who call say 'we will kill your children'" he says.

He thinks the police should take the threats seriously and compares the situation with a case where a rape suspect boy and his family recieved police protection after they were threatened.

"In Landskorna it's about somebody [ the 78 year old woman] who died. This is bigger. I think that the police need to take greater responsibility for the family."

Ferki Hamad was very surprised when he heard of the suspicions against the 23 year old, whom he describes as quiet and well-behaved.


Police detective Tommy Lindén says that the family is safe in Landskorna and that from his experience, they're playing the victim card in order to give them a better negotiating position. The police have mobilized in Landskrona to meet the increased risk of violence. For those who still feel insecure, but do not have the financial means to leave town, the municipality is ready to help.


CGW said...

God damn all muslims (especially in the WEST) to HELL (but everywhere else would be my wish also.
Sorry if this is too offensive, but I would do it myself if I could.

Dag said...

Muslims bring it on themselves, the lot of them, by practising Islam. Even today, with major attacks on civilians everyday on all fronts, it is Muslims doing the murderous deeds, not Sikhs or Hindus or Jews or Jains, it's Muslims. Not Christians or Buddhists, it's Islam. There is something innately violent about Islam that prompts Muslims to be a world-terror. Not all Muslims? No. But all Islam. Islam is the problem

rumcrook™ said...

its pretty simple really,

if you have been raised to beleive your human and the "other" (infidel) continues to breathe at your whim, and its ok for you to kill them if they upset you than this is the natural consequence.

and islam teacheds that infidels can be murdered, and that they continue to live only while muslims feel like allowing it.

notice the muslims characterize this as an accident?

how is it accidental to beat someone unconscious who's old enough to be your grandparent? or anyone else for that matter?

muslims by nature seem to be completely unable to take responsibility for thier actions.

Dag said...

We have to look at Muslims for what they are, and not for what we think they are or what we think they should be or would like them to be or what we think they will be if we make them nice.

So long as Muslims are Muslims, they'll live a life of the mind in which they are automatically inclined to submit to the WilL of Allah. All things are in power of Allah, for the Muslim, and he must, as a Muslim, submit to that fate which he must not question at all. If a young thug beats an old woman to death, it's not the fault of the Muslim, it is the Will of Allah that she died. That would mean the Muslim had no "intention." for him to decide of himself to kill anyone is a sin in Islam. That decision is in the mind of
Allah. for the Muslim, things just happen. It's not his fault. Thus, it's like an accident.

When the State has political power, the State has taken from Allah the rightful power of Allah and the State has become apostate, the penalty for which is death. If the people were to assume the power of a State, which is what a democracy does, then the people are apostates, deserving of death. And if the democracy is one of non-Muslims, then to kill them is not a bad thing, and not even a good thing, but just an accident.

In the mind of a jihadi or one submerged in Islamic culture as a private person, the State is the only power between him and Allah. The Muslim will find it illegitimate, a thing to be avoided or hurt. But it is the only power on Earth the jihadi will recognize as near to authority as Allah. The people will mean less than nothing. The people can be beaten, robbed, raped, tortured, murdered, and so on, with impunity. Only the state has any power to fear. Thus, in Muslim sttes that power is immense. State power is in competition with Allah, and has to be as powerful, as total.

The only way a Muslim can have any freedom, which all men seem to crave at some time, is to act for Allah's government. If the State is weak, why not smash it as one can? And the people, smash them too. One can, as a Muslim, act out ones inner monkey, and if one is captured, then it's all good because it's the Will of Allah. No crime. No problem.

CGW said...

That is just plain SICK and the most primitive ideology one can imagine. We MUST eliminate them both as a culture and as a religion.

Dag said...

There's no magic wand to wave. This is a struggle that will take decades to make better. It's a day-by-day process that we can happily call living.

BunnyO said...

OH THAT POOR SHY and innocent GROWN MAN ACCIDENTALLY destroyed a 78 year old woman and beat an old man senseless. OVER A PARKING SPACE, and let's face it, you ever been to an arab majority muslim country ?? I HAVE AND THEY CAN'T EFFING DRIVE !!!!

So sad, it's so COMPLICATED says their attorney.


WE DON'T CONDONE IT,ALLOW IT OR EXCUSE IT REGARDLESS OF RACE OR RELIGION. But the fact of the matter is that in Sweden this is (WAS) a rarity. And muslims do not attack their own elderly in this manner. THEY DO IT BECAUSE THEY HATE US !! WE ARE EXPENDABLE, THEY WANT US TO DIE.

Dag said...

Thank you, Bunny.