Friday, April 09, 2010

Diapers Obama

Obama might think it's cool to emulate a mythical version of the wholly repulsive evil gnome, M. Gandhi. Those who have bothered to find out about, those who could find out about and then stomach the real Gandhi, those who have acted to find out the true life story of the filthy little bastard responsible for the murder of millions of Indians-- Hindu, Muslim, and others during the Partition-- have no good opinion of one of the most evil of the 20th century's evil geniuses. Only the ignorant and the evil can know abut the real Gandhi without being sickened. Obama is one or both to the above. He seems to think himself a Gandhi. In that assessment, I agree with him. Except that Obama is no genius, just a cheap, jumped-up street hustler. Gandhi, if this is to his credit or not, was at least an original evil genius; and Obama, following in Gandhi's shadow, seems destined to be responsible for at least as many pointless murders as his evil mentor in "peace." Obama has determined to refuse a first-strike retaliation against nations that do not use nuclear weapons against us so long as they are part of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty nations. On top of that, Obama will cut our nuclear arsenal, make a fool's agreement with Russia in regard to our weapons, and aside from dropping hints that he might retaliate against Israel for bombing a so-to-be nuclear armed Iran, refuses to allow visas to Israelis involved at Dimona. Obama's nuclear policy of unilateral disarmament? "Nukes are for pukes." He's a mini-Gandhi. That's not a good thing, dear reader. That's an evil thing.

As Truepeers pointed out this late evening, if America sheds its own defensive nuclear umbrella, what about our allies who have lived under its shelter all these years, assuming the U.S. would shield them from attack? If Obama won't protect us, what will he do for our allies? Not a fucking thing. Our allies now have to scramble to defend themselves. Obama can parade around in moral diapers if he wants to be seen as a Gandhian hippie peacenik, but our allies will go nuclear to defend themselves. Let's hope so, so that they might, if we're lucky, defend us too.

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