Friday, April 02, 2010

"Jews need another Holocaust"

There are some guys who just cry out for a game of football. Everything about them says, "I want to play and I want to win." To be honest, I like it. I want to play, too. I want to get the guy on the field and get into it full-blast. The guy, the Palestinian in the white tee-shirt and blue jeans in the video below. He can be on the other side, I don't care. I really want to play. I love full-contact sports, and this guy is no metro-sexual. Man-to-man, I want to meet him and try it out.

But he's likely a sissy after all. He looks fairly fit for a fellow his age, and he's cocky enough. But I fear that if it comes to it, he'd probably run away because he's born to cry. It's his nature to fight, but I fear that's been drummed out of him over the course of his years. He's got what it takes to fight, but I think he'll never let himself get to that point, always strutting and bragging, and then backing away when it gets to the flash-point. Too bad, 'cause some guys should be on the field where they belong.

I've seen it many times, that guys Muslim will shout like monkeys and rage like dogs on a chain-- and that's about it. They either act as a mob, no individual action to speak of; or they act individually only by sneaking, afraid to act openly as individuals for fear of offending the Muslim collective. Not so of Iranians, often enough. I've known some first-rate boxers from Iran. They'll stand man-to-man and fight. But I've only encountered one Palestinian who ever did that. Too bad. Mostly they just strut and make noises: "The Jews need another Holocaust." Uh huh.


CGW said...

The Jews are not those who need another Holocaust, rather their counterparts do, and I know just the man to make it happen.
Sounds bad, I know. But this is a War for the World, for Enlightenment, for Civilization. All the Rats must be exterminated, just as they would do to us. It's do or die.

Dag said...

E.O. Wilson describes Islam as a 7th century tribal code inflamed by ethnicity. for those not Arabs living in the 7th century, those Arabs not in the ruling circle, what's the attraction?

Different things for different folks. There's the utter primitivism of the code and the supremicism it offers to its adherents; the misogyny; the thrill of booty; the promise of a hedonistic afterlife; the lure of power in belonging to a group; the smugness of being a reviled outsider who can shrug off personal failure as something superior to "successful" people; and so on. there are many things for a Muslim to like about Islam for the loser and the violent thug. Not least is the plain fact of not knowing anything else or wanting anything else.

Most of what Islam offers to its adherents is solid and impenetrable to reason or pity. Because it is a primitive tribal code, it will not respond to Human decency but only to violence. Too bad, sort of, for those who wish to live a life of sentimentality and philobarbarism. It makes many the pure enemies of Modernity. They're going to suffer.