Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Charles Johnson finds Nazi Zombies at Tea Party Rally

He see's 'em ever where. That Charles Johnson is dynamite.

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, a formerly popular blogger who used to deal with issues of jihad, has in later years gone off his head in a serious way, defaming many and sundry as "neo-nazis," among other ridiculous things. In a moment of forgetfulness of the nation I'm in, I proposed at a popular Canadian blog Charles Johnson as the fool of the year, meant to have Canadian nominees, of course, and yet-- Charles Johnson won! Even Canadians voting on Canadians had a low opinion on Charles Johnson. Here's the sort of reason why, as an example:

Johnson slags anyone he can find, it seems, which works for a short time till it becomes a pattern that we see eventually as one of madness.

The flag that Charles Johnson is upset about, the one that he thinks, fairly sure, is a neo-nazi flag? Its shown at a Tea Party rally:
Well, who can say but Charles Johnson? Seems lots of folks can say.
It's the state flag of Tennessee.

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midnight rider said...

Mein Gott im Himmel man! Don't you get it? Don't you see?! Johnson is correct! He nails it!

Of course it's a flag of neo-nazis & white supremecism! It's Tennessee! How could it NOT be?! Home of Fred Thompson! And hillbillies! Who make their own whiskey! And chew tobacco! And carry guns! Deep in the heart of the Confederacy!

Gun carrying whiskey making tobacco chewing descendants of Confederates sheltering Fred Thompson! How did we not see it all along?!?!?!

Johnson you're a genius!

Just one thing. . .

How does Al Gore fit into all this?

Always On Watch said...

Charles Johnson banned me -- I think because I interviewed Robert Spencer.

Have any association with anyone of whom CJ disapproves, and his anger is unleashed.

Does anybody with any sense hang around LGF now?

Thorum said...

Hey Dag, hope this note finds you well. Is there a way to contact you by email? I wanted to follow-up on your comment on my blog European Alliance for Rational Thought. Just food for thought, nothing big. Thorum

Dag said...

Sorry for the delay in publishing your comments, but I had to find them in a welter of spam, courtesy of China and Russia. It makes C.J. look good in comparison.

I never had the chance to get banned from LGF. I have limited time to deal with these things in a day, and my first choice was always to put most of my time into Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch. He has served me, and the world at large, well throughout his career. Spencer is honest, politically and as a person. Johnson is just another guy fallen by the roadside.

We can see this in perspective, and perhaps learn how to deal with our frustrations and disappointments by looking at other groups who have dealt with our problems: We can look to the Primitive Church, for example, to see that doctrinal questions raise serious antagonisms, some good men falling outside the bounds of orthodoxy, because this is a Human project, this life we live. There are giants of Christianity who are permanently out of favour, Oregin, Clement, others, who mis-stepped, and who did good in spite of it. In our case and time, Charles Johnson? Not so much.

We can look at the French Revolution to see a replay of doctrinal formulations, and to the Russian Revolution, and we can look at Th. Paine to see a good man left by the wayside. My point being that these things are pre-ordained, that some will fail and some will foul, and some will last as our heroes, none of us knowing till the final chapters are written long after we are gone.

So, I maintain my faith and carry on, knowing we will have our louts and thugs and losers, and that we won't ever really know how it turns out. I keep smiling, hoping for the good, and having faith.

That's the lesson I learn from history.