Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama gods and Palin monsters

"O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh."
Matthew 12: 34, King James Bible

The laudatory bullshit one reads regarding Obama is enough to make a sensible man sick. Take, for example, Newsweek editor Evan Thomas, who claimed that Obama is a sort of god. Thomas, grandson of six-time Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas, said on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews:

"I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God."

Let's look for a moment at something Thomas seems not to understand:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal...."

Evan Thomas seems to miss the point of our nation: that all men are born as equal in their rights. It means that no man, just because he was born to a title, is more equal than a man who is not born to a title. Even if a man is born as "King" he is the equal of any man not so born. And in our nation, no man is "entitled" by birth of himself. One might be born with a title, but then it's all up to the baby to grow up to do as he can. Titles don't entitle a man. Ours is a free country because no one is bound by his birth to be other than what he is by nature. Too many Americans just don't get it: We are free people because we are free to be ourselves. No man is a sort of god. Every man is just man. Every man is as naturally equal as any other, no god bullshit about it. We all have the same natural rights, no divine right of kings, no gods involved.

Thomas probably doesn't mean Obama is a spiritual god, but a temporal "heroic" man, a super man, ubermensch, as it were. Obama is (superlative.)

There are those who look on the world comprising Gods and Monsters. To some, some men are not born equal in natural rights as men; some men are gods and some are monsters. There is Obama. There is Sarah Palin.

I could puke when I read how smart is Obama and those who laud him. Those are the same who claim that those not Obama fans are mentally feeble in various ways. Those who laud Obama consider themselves "smart." Those who laud Obama consider those who do not laud him to be evil and stupid. Smart people. Let's look at one:

The quotation below comes from a newspaper report on an accident involving a car driver and pedestrians.
"She's always preaching to me, 'Mom, do this,'" Wain said of her daughter, who she said suffers from bipolar disorder. "She's always helping people. She's always telling people what to do. She's intelligent."
Tamara Cherry, "Two pedestrians struck in midtown Toronto," Toronto Sun. 17 Feb. 2010

A bipolar women bullying her idiot mother. Daughter is considered "smart" because she "preaches" and "helps people," tells them what to do: is "intelligent." That seems to be what the communalist deems "smart" to be. Obama, a sort of god who bullies the nation, is "smart." Those who don't like such things: "feeble-minded," or the modern equivalent.

There is an interesting chapter in American history, in English history to a lesser extent, and in German history to an overwhelming extent, concerning "feeble-minded" people. That chapter, the Englishman Francis Galton's concoction of the pseudo-science we know of as Eugneics, the ridding of the world of the feeble-minded. Eugenics was taken up by American pseudo-scientists in a large way in the early part of the 20th century, and it was imported and adapted further by Germans, especially in the 1930s and 40s. The world, then, was made of Gods and Monsters.

Today, when the likes of Sarah Palin are "fascists"?

This is what a young person writes today:

"I just realised that at the time, Marie Antoinette's actions lead to her own execution. If we treated political figures the same way as French did then, Sarah Palin would have been killed by now. Oh, those were the days."

It takes an extraordinary hubris to write such a line. One must be a god to do so. Only he who knows all of the universe and life itself can find it in his own mind to pass judgement on people who are "lesser" to the point of condemning them to death. It's a Eugenic project, this condemnation unto death of the "stupid." Only a god would so presume.

Thomas F. Bertonneau, "Smearing the Sweden Democrats," Brussels Journal. 22 Feb. 2010.

Among the symptoms of Gnostic dementia, Voegelin remarked pathological alienation from the world, as it is given to us; he also remarked that this alienation easily tips over into outright destructive hatred. The Gnostic sees reality as tyrannical and intolerable because God or some power has brought reality about, endowing it with the character that it possesses, without consulting the Gnostic. The Gnostic is someone – he might even be atheist, as most self-identifying modern people and most Left-liberals are – who in effect resents the fact that he is not God and who wishes to become or to replace God, or whatever the power is that has led to the present constitution of reality. In nominating himself as the replacement-deity, the Gnostic strives to demonstrate his god-equivalence by remaking or transforming existence. He wishes to be absolutely sovereign and will tolerate no competitor or rival. Destroying longstanding traditions and replacing them by synthetic abstractions belong to this project, as the histories of the ideological dictatorships will reveal.

If you've ever asked yourself how Germans could have become the most evil people in history, i.e. that they embraced Nazi-ism, you have probably concluded, as I do, that Germans never for a moment considered themselves or their programme to be anything other than perfectly good. They must have seen themselves as so good as to be nearly perfect, and their leader as a sort of god. Yes, the German people saw themselves as the master race, the smart people, the elite, the best of the best. And then? Well, then they decided to improve upon the works of god and nature by selecting for good breeding the smart rather than the stupid, helping nature by ridding it of nature's mistakes. How could making the human world better be wrong? How could ridding the world of stupid people be anything but a benefit to humanity? Eugenic. The good and the living. Let the good live so they can triumph, while ridding the world of weeds, of those not fit for life.

Who decides? He who must be some sort of god, his law-givers a generation of vipers.


RDatta said...

In Marie Antoinette's time, anyone in 'mericuh who looked like Obama would have been lynched if he tried acting anything like Obama.

But the veneer finally cracked, with him saying "Go for it!", revealing colossal contempt for the wishes of (a substantial majority of) the American people. And this gives us Hope for Change, as it is now clear that he can be vanquished.

Dag said...

I recall as a young man watching tv when Stevie wonder won a big-time music award for the first time. I thought, "It's about time he won." Maybe so; but it really had to do with his music being popular then, less about him being black and blind. But even if his music sucked and he got the award, who'd really care if it went to him only because "it was about time"? It's just pop music. But we have ourselves a president elected on the same basis as Stevie Wonder winning a music award, not, as Stevie did, by actually having some music to back him up but simply because Obama is, or was, popular and "it was about time."

No, even if that were true, we shouldn't vote for our president just because it's about time for a half)black guy to be. We really should have picked a better man, like Stevie Wonder. Maybe we could have had Ray Charles as Veep, and Blind Willie Johnson as First Lady. That would all make more sense than Obama.