Saturday, October 31, 2009

You getting tired, too?

Among the group of twentysomethings, one flew into a rage when I said the Teamsters Union is an outgrowth of wagon drivers, men who worked teams of horses. He countered that Teamsters are "a team, a union." Thus they are Teamsters. A man wears cowboy boots....

I ride a dual purpose motorcycle, eight inches of front suspension. I can go anywhere. The kids all want to own hybrid cars, to protect the environment. No, actually, they prefer velodrome bicycles today. But hybrids are cool, and if they had the money they'd have them. Metro-sexuals in hybrids. My bike isn't pretty, it's a metal horse, able to go wherever we need go. Cowboy boots are pointed at the toe to slide into the stirrup, and heal is high to stop the boot from sliding out. That's why. They're boots to keep out thorns and snake bites and such. That's why.
The boots don't make the man. Saying so doesn't make it so.

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