Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sandwell's Big Bill Thomas' Alcatraz Blues

“For us it is business as usual."

I couldn't make it up if I tried. Big Bill Thomas is a crook. Now I know why all the sudden interest in him and Sandwell itself. There's more here on Sandwell's finest at the bottom of the page.

Sandwell Council leader Bill Thomas quits after being charged with theft.

By Paul Dale

Sandwell Council leader Bill Thomas has quit after being charged by police with theft.

Coun Thomas, aged 69, resigned as council leader today, although he remains a councillor. He was one of the West Midlands’ longest serving council leaders.

Deputy Labour group leader Steve Elking has taken over the task of leading the council.

Details of the alleged offence are unclear, but Sandwell Council chief executive Dr Allison Fraser confirmed that Coun Thomas had decided to stand down.

Dr Fraser said: “The council has been notified that a 69-year-old man has been charged with theft.

“We have been advised by police that this is a personal matter. The council has not been approached by police about their investigation.”

Coun Thomas’s decision to quit was reported to shocked colleagues at a Sandwell cabinet meeting this morning.

Coun Eling said: “Coun Thomas’s resignation is for reasons which are wholly unconnected with the council and his role here.

“For us it is business as usual. We have recently strengthened the leadership team by appointing a third deputy.

“I as leader and councillors Pauline Hinton and Darren Cooper as deputies are available to ensure council business goes ahead smoothly.”


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Dag said...

I can't say for sure that Big Bill is guilty of theft. But where's my money?

Dag said...

That last photo of Big Bill looks a lot like Al Capone, but that is not to say Big Bill is a crook. It's just a coincidence that he looks like Al Capone.

Not my fault.

Dag said...

Big Bill Thomas is a big hit here at No
Dhimmitude. I somehow don't think he was stealing just to bring me readers, but I have to thank him all the same. If Bill elaves me a note suggesting the flavour of cake he likes, I'll get the message and will slide file inside so he can saw his way to freedom.

You go, Big Bill, like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving ten percent to the poor for the sake of appearances. what a guy. And what a coincidence that in his younger years he looks just like Al Capone.