Friday, June 13, 2008

Obama Team Hires Rocco and Vinnie to Quash Rumors

Obama combats darker side of Internet politics

WASHINGTON (AFP-RE/Press) — Democrat Barack Obama has shown the stunning power of the Internet for political fundraising. Now he is fighting its darker side as a vehicle for "smears" against his bid for the White House.

Pausing from a war of words with Republican John McCain over taxes, the African-American senator Thursday unveiled an interactive website to debunk false rumors peddled by email and right-wing media outlets.

The site at was created after one recent, and thus-far unfounded, assertion that Obama's wife Michelle had been caught on tape slurring white people.

"We created an interactive tool to allow our supporters to fight back against these smears in the same way that they received them -- on the Internet," campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor said. "And if that's not enough, we send in Rocco and Vinnie to make things right."

"People can upload their address books and easily send fact-based emails to their friends and family," he said.

"Just knowing the truth isn't enough -- you have to proactively tell people the truth to fight back. Bust some chops maybe."

Obama campaign aides said that because of the innate evil of so many non-Obama persons, it was essential to reach out through innovative channels, one of which was hiring Rocco and Vinni to quash rumors before they have a chance to reach the unenlightened.

"I got a guy in South Chi who knows some guys in Brooklyn who did time with a guy who set up a meeting with Rocco and Vinnie for Obama's team. Dese guys are funny. When dey ain't crackin' jokes dey's crackin skulls, ya know? And den dey goes on ta crush testicles. Youch."

The Obama team expects quick results once the new investigative and corrective efforts of Rocco and Vinni become known to the non-Obama public.

"Dese rumas, dey gottsta end, ya know?" said Rocco, a lean and tattooed man of about 30, found conducting business in a back room at Smack Yer Balls pool hall last evening in Bed.Stuy.

Now you know. Vote accordingly.

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