Monday, June 09, 2008

Muslim Activist Fails Dale Carnegie Course Big-Time

More threats, more obnoxious posing, more inane ranting from a sock puppet sent to B.C to do Mohammed Elmasry's dirty work on behalf of stealth jihad. Not very stealthy. More like more of the same. Muslims have it bad? Let's see. How about going for dinner at a Muslim establishment? OK, and once you find Muslims have poisoned you with their own excrement sprinkled liberally on your food, maybe you want to go to a Muslim doctor.

And so on.

I met Dale Carnegie once, and he told me, "Dag, some people just aren't worth befriending." I asked if they were worth beheading. But, you see, I was joking. Seriously, I'd settle for some people just shutting their mouths for the next 100 years or so. I'm not going to get that lucky, though, am I?

Muslims told to demand equal voice in media

Laws against promoting hatred called useless

Joseph Brean, Published: Monday, June 09, 2008

TORONTO - Muslims must "demand that right to participate" in national media, Khurrum Awan, the primary witness in the Maclean's magazine hate speech hearing, told a weekend conference of the Canadian Arab Federation.

"And we have to tell them, you know what, if you're not going to allow us to do that, there will be consequences. You will be taken to the human rights commission, you will be taken to the press council, and you know what? If you manage to get rid of the human rights code provisions [on hate speech], we will then take you to the civil courts system. And you know what? Some judge out there might just think that perhaps it's time to have a tort of group defamation, and you might be liable for a few million dollars," he said.

On a discussion panel with Barbara Hall, Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and Haroon Siddiqui, editor emeritus of the Toronto Star, Mr. Awan described his increasingly high-profile struggle "against particular elements in media that are misusing and abusing their responsibility" in writing about Islam.

Under the sponsorship of the Canadian Islamic Congress, and with the help of a small team of fellow recent graduates of Osgoode Hall law school, that struggle has so far involved complaints to the British Columbia, Ontario and federal human rights commissions over an excerpt of Mark Steyn's book America Alone in Maclean's magazine in 2006.

The only case to be heard so far, in B. C, concluded last week with a decision pending.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's no law against being a total arsehole. If there were, Awan would get life in solitary. And the rest of us could breathe a little bit.


Vancouver visitor said...

Nice... The Ontario HRC chief turkey getting all chummy with the Mohammedans. Nothing like an impartial public official.

Dag said...

I've never given it any thought, but off the top of my head, I suggest that democracy has to be voluntary, and there is a difference in a democracy between being co-operative and being communal.

If some refuse to be involved in the voluntary act of continuous democracy, then we won't have anything but a gang of gangs fighting for anything they can get by coercion or force at the expense of any too weak to defend their interests. The jihadi, whether a violent killer or a stealth jihadi like Elmasry and his lot, are not co-operative democrats but thugs. When an arm of our government reaches out to strangle democracy, then we as a co-operative community, not as a commune, have to resist and restore the norm. That's very hard to do in the face of blocs of thugs with a determined and well-financed clique in power at all level of the bureaucracy hanging tenaciously to both their salaries and their self-assumed status as saviors of the masses. So, one must do what one alone can do with other democrats in the hope that enough individuals can defeat the collective. It's gonna hurt, I think.

CGW said...

Canada is doomed.