Monday, December 10, 2007

YWAM and Some of its Opposition.

At Aravada, Colorado there are two dead and two wounded by an unidentified gunman. The shootings began around midnight, Dec. 9, mst. Roughly twelve hours later, at Colorado Springs, Colorado, another shooting took place at New Life Church, a stadium-like building for its 14,000 members, leaving at least two dead, not including the killer who was shot by a security guard and died.

The first shooting took place at a dormitory of "Youth With a Mission," aka YWAM.

The Black Knight's Anti YWAM Anti Youth With A Mission Counterintelligence Page

Stopping the shock troops of "Youth With A Mission" a.k.a. YWAM (pronounced Why-Wham), is the duty of every Muslim. YWAM is a shadowy Cold War organization founded in 1960 that furnished a pretext for CIA involvement in third world countries that were thought vulnerable to communism. YWAM provided fresh-faced youth that masked the operations of the Central Intelligence Agency worldwide in such hotspot locations as Guatemala. Since the downfall of the Soviet Union, YWAM's "mission" has changed from combatting communism to the destabilization of Islam and the Muslim countries. What follows are links to information about YWAM, from them as well as from those opposed to them. It is the duty of every conscientious Muslim to oppose YWAM whenever and wherever possible. Always assume that missionaries are connected with YWAM, for (as noted in the GroupWatch Report) it is their policy to maintain a low profile.

From the L.A. Times: "The first shooting occurred about 12:30 a.m., when a man wearing a dark coat and a beanie entered the Youth With a Mission dorm in the Denver suburb of Arvada. When he asked to spend the night and was turned away, he opened fire, authorities said."

Accounts say the killer was a white man with a beard. None of us, of course, will be surprised to find the man is Jewish from a competing yeshiva. Thanks to interestingconundrum at Jihad Watch.

Matthew Murray, 24 year old living with his parents in suburban Colorado. Not a Jewish settler. This is my surprised look. : O

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