Sunday, December 09, 2007

A British Reader

Maybe it's not a fair comparison. The comment below is from a reader at Brussels Journal. One would suspect that he's a typical person reading and commenting there. I find his comment to be dead-on and funny. Maybe it's just me. Then I compared this writer below to the Muslim Thinker in the post directly below. Maybe it's not a fair comparison.

Did you say "Church"?
Submitted by Aisling on Fri, 2007-12-07 16:36.

The Church of England has a lot to answer for. It's never stood for much theologically speaking (the best definition comes from the Irish playwright Brendan Behan, who in a famous quatrain said that its foundation stones were "the b***s of Henry the Eighth"); attendance has had, very often, a lot more to do with social conformity than with religious devotion, and in the last few years the CofE has, rightly, become the laughing stock of television programmes. It's basically a bunch of cretinous, politically correct semi-atheists who haven't got the guts to follow their non-belief to its logical and honourable conclusion, i.e. resign and get a real job somewhere.
Dr Nazir-Ali seems to be an honourable exception in this sea of dhimmitude and vacuous do-goodism; hopefully he'll try to explain to his brethren that Muslim religious leaders are not going to change from bigots to reasonable people just because of a few invitations to tea and bickies.


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