Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Muslim Intellectual

Omaha massacre raises issues of American hypocrisies

By Ray Hanania

(Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine) When an unknown man pulled out his gun and started randomly shooting shoppers killing nine and wounding more than five at an Omaha, Nebraska shopping Mall, Wednesday, the first thing I feared was terrorism. I wondered, "Was he Arab or was he Muslim?" When they identified the "terrorist" as Robert Hawkins, a White unemployed 19 year old who had complained about losing his job and being kicked out of his home, I asked myself, "Isn't he a terrorist, too?"
I bet millions of Americans asked the same question.

But once we learned he was not Arab or Muslim, the killer went from being a "terrorist" to just another murderer.

It made me wonder why Americans do not describe killers by their race and religion unless they are Arab or a Muslim?

Isn't Hawkins a White American Christian terrorist killer?

Some will argue he probably didn't kill his victims in the name of his religion – which I assume is Christianity. But I say he is the victim of an American society that has serious moral and ethical problems when it comes to how they treat other people.

Hawkins was a young kid kicked out of his home by his parents. He was unemployed after he was fired from his low-paying job at McDonalds. He broke up with his girlfriend. He even had some problems with the law.

These are all American and Christian traditions, whether he declares his actions to be a devotion to his religion and lifestyle or not.

The Israelis did not miss the similarities between Hawkin's terrorist rampage and the violence they and Palestinians face in the Middle East.

As Hawkins was entering the Von Maur Store in the Westroads Omaha Mall in Nebraska on Wednesday, I was entering the Malha Shopping Mall in West Jerusalem.

But, while Hawkins easily strolled in with his guns, apparently, I walked through a security net that includes metal detectors, guards at all Mall entrances, and sharpshooters on nearby buildings....

I'm sorry to cut it off there but I couldn't take any more of it. The writer above is just short of the natural genius of [one of our C.Z. commentators], and it's too much for me. Obviously it's just the right thing for many people. The above is the usual level of intelligence one meets in Leftist writers and Leftist (so-called) thinkers. It is so profoundly stupid that one must ask if it's genuine or if some evil comedian made it up. Sorry, dear reader, that stuff is all to common. If that is what the average American Muslim reads and accepts, then what does it tell us about the average American Muslim? And then, So what?

If we know and if we openly acknowledge (even if only to ourselves) that the level of understanding of reality shown in the above work is typical of Muslim intellectuals, then we can learn to deal with them in our midsts as they are rather than as what we might have thought they are. The question is to decide whether the above is typical of the level of understanding of the average American Muslim. My anecdotal evidence is yes. Maybe you disagree. But if I'm right, then we must deal with Muslim intellectuals in a way entirely different from the way we would deal with intellectuals of a different level of competence.

Just making a circle in the sand with my toe here. Will return with three stories of Islam later in the day.

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