Sunday, December 30, 2007

Left Dhimmi Fascism

Esther at Islam in Europe provides this story:

Denmark: Converts to Islam are left-wing oriented

A sixth of Danish converts to Islam oppose democracy, but that's because they are left-wing oriented, explain researchers. A new study among 130 Danish converts to Islam shows that a sixth don't think their new religious convictions can be combined with democracy.

Some of the Danish converts felt the need to say that they have become Muslims and now follow something different. For some there's a bit of a protest in saying that they don't think Islam and democracy can co-exist, says Kate Østergaard, a religion historian at Copenhagen University, whose research can be read in the book "New Muslims in Denmark" (Nye muslimer i Danmark). She adds that there are about 4,000 converts in Denmark.

But though only 1/6 are direct opponents of democracy, Islam is more important than democracy for more than half of the converts. According to Kate Østergaard, half of the converts think that Islam will rule society. They think that democracy is an Islamic principle and that it is therefore possible to have an Islamic society that is either based on democracy or has democratic elements.

Anthropologist Tina Gudrun Jensen, who co-wrote the book, thinks that the missing concept of democracy is due to that most converts are left-wing oriented.

She says that opposition to democracy for some go together with the fact that they are generally critical of the modern capitalistic and materialistic society and those are the same attitudes of left-wing oriented groups in the 60's and 70's. Factually, many converts are very much left-wing oriented.

The basic argument of this blog is that the Left is fascist. Take the pillar of corporatism in fascism and you'll find it in socialism four square. Individualism? It doesn't square with communitarianism. Private property? It's definitely at odds with the collective being. The Great Leaderprincip? How can one have a democracy with such? Eco-privilege at the expense of Humanism? The list goes on. The triumph of The Golden Age in a return to prelapsarian neo-feudalism? The Metal Mythologies of the vanguard of the Party? All fascism, all Left. The exultations of Gnostic Irrationalism? The Cult of Death and the Grand Gesture? Look no further than the pro-jihadi Left apologists. Exceptionalism of the Volk? The Palestinians? Looks so to me if not openly admitted to by the Left. And so on it goes on. The Left is a fascism. Point to point, the Left is a fascism, and is too Islam. If the fit ain't perfect, the Left will convert slowly but slowly till there's no difference at all. Give them a few more years to get over the shock of finding themselves religious fanatics and they'll be just fine. The Volk the Ummah? Why not? The Great Leader is Mohammed the Perfect Man? Sure to be seen. Racial purity laws? Dhimmitude and Jew-hatred. Soil Mysticism? Turn to Mecca five times per day and tell me if I'm wrong. Is the Left a fascism? You tell me.

Esther at Islam in Europe provides another piece of the picture, this from the Eutopia of Sweden:

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sweden: Supreme court judge supports polygamy and incest

The following article was picked up by Al-Arabiya and then by Memri. For some reason Al-Arabiya forgot to mention that Lindskog does not exactly advocate the Muslim lifestyle. In fact, he's a good example of the 'decadent West'. And why not? If there's no ethical code and anything goes, why can't two or more adults decide on their own how they want to live their life?

Sweden's soon-to-be newest supreme court judge, Stefan Lindskog, wants to change the marriage code and make polygamy legal. He also wants to give other lifestyles more judicial protection.

He says he thinks it's strange that just one sexual relationship can enter into a cohabitation contract. If a man lives together with ten wives, today nine of them wouldn't deserve legal protection because they have chosen a different lifestyle, and Lindskog thinks that's wrong.

Lindskog wants to completely separate the judicial and moral and thinks that the state shouldn't interfere on religious or private-moral reasons in how people live together.

He says that today marriage consists of the judicial, the religious and the moral. Why can't people limit legislation to the judicial, with one cohabitation contract as regulated in the legal code, regardless of sexual tendencies and regardless of whether a person has only one sexual relationship.

A person can imagine two brothers, or a mother and a son living together - an odd constellation that happens, but that legislation does not care about today. There's also a need for regulation on that.

The demand for judicial protection for forms of lifestyles other than marriage have been made in the past by Gudrun Schyman's Feminist Initiative party.

Freedom? What is Nothing? Freedom is hardly emptiness in search of fulfillment. The emptiness, the vacuum, abhors a vacuum. The defeat of meaning is the search for certainty. The defeat of order is the search for order. The hatred of Reason is the search for the Irrational. There is no "Nothing." The escape from Freedom is the leap into slavery and submission.

When anything goes, everything goes. Welcome your self to Islam, the Total Way of Life.

The Left is on its way slowly but with increasing rapidity toward the primitive. From philobarbarism to barbarism in person is a short leap of nihilism. Of that our Left is certainly capable. In fact, they are capable of nothing else. Give it ten years and Islam will be the fascism of choice for all those who cannot stand Modernity. Trust the Party, trust the Ulema. Freedom is Slavery. Slavery is Perfect Submission. Problem solved.

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