Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tis the Season to be Mo Jolly (3)

Truepeers, my colleague at Covenant Zone, has some Christmas cheer of his own in the piece briefly quoted below, a masterstroke of non-irenic writing. Anirenic? Excuse my Greek.

We have a hyper-groupie at a city blog here in Vancouver from which we are occasionally doused with coolness and nonpareil usage of our language. Sean! What a guy. Peers. Yes, a real guy. In his introduction to his latest he writes:

Since we've been voted "most obtusely anachronistic and semantic" blog by Sean, the anti-Les Nessman of a groovy, post-coo-ool blog, I've gone looking for truer signs of the times about which to wax runic:


I love it, " to wax runic...." Intentional or not, the mixed metaphor is brilliant, as one expects from True Peers as opposed to nonpareil peers. Runes, as most of our reader will notice on the surface of it, are engraved, and to wax them is to create a further work on 'material' material. Peers' proud effort is about, among other things, the aethereal images of Facebook and the misgivings of controllers who know not reality from ideals. Funny? Maybe only to a few. Not to Sean, our critic who writes so variantly. (That is to say, in Mandarin, with courage.) Simply on the face of it, though, "to wax runic" is my favorite phrase of the year.

Life just keeps getting better. Why? Well, but of course: Tis the Season to be Mo Jolly.

No ireny intended, Sean.


sean orr said...

This just reeks of insecurity.

Dag said...

At the risk of pedantry, insecurity doesn't reek, even metaphorically. But what the hey, it's New Year's Eve.

To be fair, Sean is, I think, a fellow in his early 20s, and hasn't yet discovered the joys of a dictionary. He has recently accused some of us here of obtuseness, anachronism, and semantics. In my defense: I know nothing of geometry; I have no fear of spiders; and I do not use plastic explosives. So there.