Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Price of Philobarbarism

In a post below we show dhimmi Christians praising HAMAS, as usual. They go beyond the cliches of multi-culti grovelling in public and beyond the usual neo-Nazi ranting at shabby meeting halls. The Presbyterians are a wealthy and powerful mainstream church in America and around the world. They play dhimmi and make it work. They play up the victimisation game and use Muslim peasants as their chess pieces. Below we see the end-game in today's news. This is what the Presbyterians have wrought:

The attack on Tuesday's funeral procession left two Fatah members wounded.

At least nine people were hurt, among them five schoolchildren, in an early clash in Gaza City.

Fatah gunmen returned fire, and the nine people were reportedly injured in the crossfire.

Ignorant and primitive peasants are raised to believe the idiocies of the pampered Presbyterians who play a game of murder. The monsters of Protestantism have created the insanity that is Islam today. Presbyterians pimp their children. this is a result:

'We hope the quartet will take the decision to continue with aid,' Saeb Erekat, Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) chief negotiator said.

On the agenda will be a debate whether to transfer funds to pay the salaries of more than 130,000 Palestinian Authority employees who have not received their dues since the Islamic Hamas movement came to power after winning the January 25 elections.

Left dhimmi fascists have infantalised and made mad a world of peasants. The infantalised now depend for the very food they eat on the Left dhimmis they hate and will murder. And the peasants will die too. They are truly victims:

Shelby Steele, White Guilt : How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era.

The Psychology of Victimhood

Dr. Helen Smith

[T]he current dynamic of black anger and the response of white guilt is a destructive combination, doing real harm to the development of African Americans....

Oppression, says Steele, does not push people to rage or revolution. "Anger is acted out by the oppressed only when real weakness is perceived in the oppressor. Anger in the oppressed is a response to perceived opportunity, not to injustice." This makes sense: people who act out angrily usually do so when there is no threat of being punished and every indication that their anger will get them what they want. This is not always such a bad thing, of course, but black anger and the responding white guilt is not the psychological dynamic of freedom. It is a deal between the power hungry left and black leaders who care more about being thrown a bone and offering fake opportunity to their followers than they care about freedom, autonomy and excellence.

White guilt leads to "the vacuum of moral authority that comes from simply knowing that one's race is associated with racism." But according to Steele, once whites have acknowledged historical racism, they lose moral authority over everything having to do with race, equality, social justice and poverty. "The authority they lose transfers to the 'victims' of racism and becomes their great power in society. This is why white guilt is quite literally the same thing as black power." It is also why black anger reinforces white guilt and the circle of victimhood continues.

Case in point: Politicians frequently stir up black anger to gain further points for their party, not for actually doing anything to promote freedom and autonomy for blacks. For example, Sen. Hillary Clinton recently stated that the House of Representatives is being "run like a plantation. " However, it becomes even more obvious after reading Steele's book that Hillary and her ilk are the plantation.

Today's political left, according to Steele, has shifted from the old left approach of individual freedom, principles and responsibility, to the new left of dissociation. This new dissociated left has turned against democratic principles and instead engages in a victim mentality for blacks that keeps them on the plantation. The left's deal is that they will keep throwing out a few bones like affirmative action, as long as blacks will allow themselves to be reduced to their race and the left can take moral authority for "helping" them. As Steele points out, this is a deal with the devil. It results in the impotence of the left in solving social problems and less freedom and autonomy for blacks. How can social problems be solved by telling people that they remain victims because of their race (or gender, for that matter?)

Who gains from this? The Left, the dhimmis, the fascists.

Bombs and bullets as conflict escalates in Gaza
By Times Online and agencies

The Palestinian Authority was lurching further towards a split today as the power struggle between Hamas and Fatah, the two rival political parties, degenerated into violence.

At least nine people were injured this morning when gunmen from the ruling Hamas party opened fire from a car on bodyguards protecting Samir Masharawi, a leading Fatah activist in Gaza City.

The bodyguards hit back, peppering the car with bullets and injuring at least one of the attackers. Eight more people were injured in sproadic gun battles as supporters from both side streamed to the scene. Five children between the ages of eight and 14, who were on their way to school, were among the casualties.

Later this afternoon, Hamas gunmen detonated two small bombs before firing into a funeral procession in southern Gaza. Fatah gunmen dropped to the ground and returned fire. A number of mourners, including children, were injured.

Who should pay for the coming annihilation of the mad?

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