Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Jooos Make Muslims Face Hard Times

The following comes from a blogger called "One Pissed [off] Arab. And it's no wonder he's pissed-off. It's the Jooos, you see. This time they're plotting to destroy the ummah by beaming images of Arab porno girls at the faithful. No, it's not just Pastorius at IBA who threatens the world with skimply clad babes on the Net. Sure enough, it's the Jooos.

Arab Porn conspiracy theory and Video Clip Starlets


There has been much chatter on the Arab discussion boards about Israel's plans to launch an Arabic Porn Satellite channel. (You can imagine how much fun it was entering those as search words in a search engine!) And the plot is so elaborate with details such as: It will be non-encoded, it will be broadcasted from an Israeli Satellite that is close in frequency to the Egypt's Nile Sat. There will also be terrestrial broadcast viewable without the need for a receiver and a dish .. In all the online discussions it seems that the story is believed, no one puts it beyond Israel to do something like that, after all if they kill & assassinate in cold blood why wouldn't they. Actually they have done it before

OK lets follow this through, if you are going to produce Arabic Porn, what is the main ingredient?
Arabic Girls ! Porn is already available in abundance on the Internet and on the Hotbird satellite covering the Middle East, sex video tapes and magazines are not even in demand.

Now how do you convince an Arab girl to commit social suicide, go against religion, and strong family values injected in us Arabs? The theory begins now:

a) You IMPORT non Arab girls, teach them to talk in Arabic, maybe even with a Lebanese accent, (considered most sexy) the Lebanese accent would also cover their non-Arab looks.
b) You keep your ear to the ground, and take on any Arab girl that wants to join you and give her sanctuary along with huge sums of money.
c) You will be a BIG hit if you can draw society role models like actresses and singers.

What if you can prepare for all the above now by injecting girls in the Arab music scene in the form of models, dancers & video clip artists, grow them to become famous, then use them later on in your Porn channel, diabolic plan right ?

Maybe that would explain the flood of Video clip female performers that can barley speak Arabic, speak in a Lebanese accent, can't sing to save their own lives, perform in a very sexually charged manner, copying lapdance and striptease moves, and do all that half naked. They are not going to sell tapes or CD's, and would have to work in prostitution for years and years to cover the production costs of those video clips, they obviously are not rocket scientists and don't have real jobs or education, so where are they coming from ?

Just in case someone's mind is as twisted as mine, and such a channel in being planned, read the following slowly:

Don't! You do not want to wipe out all the moderates in the Arab world[.]

[L]aunching such an Israeli porn channel in Arabic will strengthen the religious right wing and mobilize all political spectrums against Israel and all that support Israel. A preemptive strike against Israel will be called for, and it will be well justified. Personally I don't care too much for Israel's well being, I just think we do not need a militant society. A good army is good, an armed society is bad [J]ust making things simple if George Bush happens to be reading this !



Yes, there are always the giant spiders to clear up this evil conspiracy. If I could make up this stuff I'd be filthy rich.


religion of pieces said...

"If you are going to produce Arabic Porn, what is the main ingredient?
Arabic Girls "

Maybe, but you'd also need Arabic catamites ('boys with liquid brown eyes') and a few pretty sheep.

And exactly what would be the age range of the 'girls'? At one point in his illustrious career, Mohammed lusted after an 18 month old baby girl.

Stogie said...

Aha! Another reason to support the Joos! Keep them girlie pics coming!

dag said...

I hadn't thought through the Islamic details when I posted this piece. I think I'll stick to the visions of loveliness Stogie posts a la Allah.

RichArab said...

can i subscribe. i currently have 3245 channels ranging from cooking to gardening to 24 hr martial arts. this sounds like something to add to the collection. what receiver is it on? do i need a special card? thanks.