Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Past is Prologue. (1)

Hippies in suits are making life in the West a thing of the past. The West is a place in the mind as much as is the past. It's all dreams reified in concrete and steel and microchips but it has the force of hurricanes for all its nothingness in origin. The West is an attitude, a making real of personality and opinion. The wisp of words and the force of tongues make cities and destroy nations. Today in the West the minds that make are encased in the bony heads of hippies dreaming of communes of the sixties, thoughts swirling like pot-smoke under black lights reflecting Filmore West concert posters.


No, no, no, please. I've heard it all before, and it hurts to have to remember that I ever liked the noise of the 60s. I have a head-ache. Retune, turn down, and drop it. Yuck! No, Tom, I want Hayden.

The West is a thing of the past. It is an attitude. I want it. That's what I want, and badly. I want Hayden and Socrates. I want a clean, well-lighted place, and a stoa to sit on to think. I want to live in the past. I don't want to live in the 60s anymore, managed and tended and infantalised by hippies in suits; I want the past of the past as it was before the hippies took over and wrecked the things that are our Modernity. I want those things not simply for myself and my sense of right and wrong but universally. And I will get this life of the past. I will get it because I'm not the sole person who craves it. I am one among the majority. I want to live in the past: I want to restore Modernity. I want Paine. I'm merely one of most. Quake, you rotten hippies....

The remainder of this rather lengthy piece (part one) is at Covenant Zone below.

I've been away for nearly a week due to a nasty injury, and now that I'm back I will take this opportunity to thank Charles for his fine work and dedication in keeping us informed and entertained. I will also thank those commentators who wrote in, they being perhaps the best fun of blogging.

Finally, I wish to send my personal best wishes to our friend American Crusader. Get well soon, mate.

Regards, Dag.




Charles Henry said...

Welcome Home, Dag!

dag said...

Thanks, Charles.