Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Dating Carbon Code

It's all about dating.

Years ago I wanted to go out with a Jewish girl, but she said I was so clueless I didn't even know about Hitler. So I read The Boys From Brazil. Years later I met a primatologist, and she complained I know nothing about monkeys. I got smart. I read Curious George books. Now I know a girl who's a Christian. It looks like I'm going to have to see The DaVinci Code if I want to get anywhere with her.

If I ain't rich I better be a good conversationalist.


Jane said...

Glad you're back. I missed scanning you entries on "No Dhimmitude" first thing in the morning.
As I told you previously, I'm getting "dagmatic" and getting into trouble.
My friend Dave who I would consider to be on the left called me "reactionary" and accused me of "stereotyping" Muslims when I repeated things I'd read on "No Dhimmitude." I mentioned that Muslims lop off women's genitals on a regular basis. He told me that they do that in Africa too and I pointed out that the people doing it in Africa just happen to be Muslims. It went on an on.
When I told him that you've convinced me to be sympathetic to Israel, he looked at me like I had open scabs on my face like the junkies at Main & Hastings. He told me that Israel had stolen land from the Palestians, the way white people had stolen land from the First Nations. I said I thought Jews had lived in that region all along and he -- again looking at me like he saw scabs on my face -- said that there had only been a few pockets of them.
My new tact is to stop talking about politics and to just be invisible when I'm at the Carnegie Centre. Where's a hijab when I need one.

dag said...

Jane, you must sit on my lap sometime soon and explain to me why you would go to the Carnegie Library. Places like that are magnets for professional socialists who will never have a clue about anything of any value in life ever. And a sign of the times is that one finds them driven to places such as the Carnegie Library, the worst area of Vancouver, because they are outcast from other places in the city. They are a dwindling minory of howler monkeys further isolated yearly. Better for you to sit on my lap and let me 'splain things to you. You, in turn, can be as dagmatic as you like. I think I like it!