Thursday, May 18, 2006

Animal Dagmatism.

It's Thursday and we are soon to meet again in public to say the unsayable-- in public!

What do we face? We face lunatics such as the one who rails at our friend Jane for being "dagmatic" when she describes in a library the horrors of Islam. No, not just one lunatic, many. Who will stand for Jane?

Hirsi Ali is stripped of her Dutch citizenship after her friend and colleague Theo. van Gogh is murdered. Dissidents killed and exiled from the Netherlands!

Paul Belien of Belgium hounded.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer, a major northwest coast American newspaper accuses the United States government of committing mass murder of its own citizens.

Hound us, expel us, kill us, accuse us of atrocities unimaginable to the sane mind. So what! Take this path with us. Leave the rest behind.

We will meet again this evening at the Vancouver Public Library in the atrium from 7-9:00 p.m. I will wear my Israeli flag on my baseball cap. We will come adorned in blue scarves and bandanas. We will never be silent. Never!


dag said...

We survived yet again. It's fun doing this. It's good all around. It makes a difference that will show in time.

religion of pieces said...

Despite what's happening to Hirsi Ali and Paul Belien, it does appear that 'Old Europe' is waking up at last, see:

It could well be that the persecution of people who tell the truth about Islam is an increasingly desperate attempt by the dhimmis and petrodollar-bribed quislings to keep the lid on a Pandora's box against ever increasing pressure from the contents trying to burst out.

dag said...

RoP's link is worth looking into. Thanks for it.