Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day.

Stogie picked this one up from Atlas Shrugs.

Sometimes it's nice to indulge in a bit of over-reaction. I feel like this is one of those times.


Jane said...

Great photo of the Muslim guy lighting himself on fire with the U.S. flag.

Did you see Bob Rae's entrance into the federal Liberal leadership race in Toronto the other day? He praised the "multi-cultural" crowd that had came out to support him and said we have to do more to recognize the "diverse" people that make up Canada. He may appeal to the Shoria law crowd. But maybe not if his wife is Jewish. Her name is Arlene Perly. Isn't that Jewish? The other candidate, Ignafief has a Jewish wife.
Did you see the article in yesterday's Vancouver Sun by the Simon Weisenthal Centre. They encouraged people to support moderate Muslims like the King of Jordan. They said that many people have been killed or maimed at Western hotels that the King was staying at when Muslims intending to kill him planted bombs.
Have a good blue scarf meeting this evening.

dag said...

Jane, as always it's a pleasure to have your company. I would have entirely missed all the Canadian news if not for you bringing it to my attention.

Jane, if you'd like to celebrate diversity with me, I'll bring the ammo.