Friday, April 28, 2006

BBC Muslim/Terrorism Film Review

I'm coming close to thinking outright that what we have today is the same old version of anti-Semitism now dressed up in p.c. and including hatred of America. I call it anti-semericanism. Hate Jews, hate Americans, it's the same Nazi crap all over again. It's the same people in newer bodies but the mind is the same.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate those people? Look, for example, at today's BBC to find a review of the movie everyone's talking about. No, Not United 93:

At the Tribeca Film Festival in New York there has been an enthusiastic reception for what is said to be the most expensive Egyptian film ever made.

The Yacoubian Building (Omaret Yacoubian) is a film version of Alaa Al Aswany's 2002 novel of the same name which depicts the interlinked lives of the residents of a Cairo apartment block.

The Yacoubian Building is a handsomely staged, ambitious and certainly expensive account of modern life in Cairo.

In the west attention will undoubtedly concentrate on The Yacoubian Building's account of how one young man turns to a violent form of extreme Islam in the face of social isolation.

TV star Peter Krause plays Terry - an American made so paranoid about Arabs that when one moves in next door he eventually turns to violence.

He convinces himself his neighbour - played by Egyptian Khaled Abol Naga - is a terrorist. In fact the story leaves that ambiguous.

The producer Andrew Lanter says a commercial thriller can carry a bigger theme about international relations.

"There's a very strong political message about two sides of a story and shouting one over another and voices not being heard, and what happens in those situations," he said.


There's some mention of United 93 at the bottom of the article:

The Tribeca Festival opened this week with United 93 - about one of the planes hijacked on 9/11. That opens commercially in the US on Friday.

Some research suggests Americans are not yet ready to go to cinemas in large numbers to confront such a topic... although United 93's generally good reviews may help.

Did I mention that I hate these people?

Let me make it plain: I hate these people.

Did I mention that sometimes I love the IRA?


Anonymous said...

The BBC is an Anti-Semitic, Anti-Christian, Anti-American and Anti-British festering putrid Islamophilic low life ecosystem of parasites such as leeches, mosquitos, tapeworms, nematodes, amoebas, hydatids, maggots and ticks who ought to be eradicated by abolition of the iniquitous, totalitarian and anachronistic TV license which enabls them to suck the blood of the hard working members of the community.

Abolish the TV license and make these bloated invertebrates work for a living.

dag said...

I think I agree with you across the board on that. I was ashamed when I read the copy above from the BBC. It's not just petty or insulting, it's dirty.

I hesitated about putting up the photo of the bombing of the BBC building. I can't condone the bombing, not because I have any problem with destroying the BBC but because it's a slippery slope that we can and I think must abvoid if we are to retain our democracies. As long as we can effect change by voting then we must. It's when that option is not available to us that I will join the ranks of the people on the streets and pull the damned building down with my bare hands if I must.

For now I am content with showing us all just how dirty they BBC people are. What they did above is so unforgivable that I can't think about it without being sickened.

Being badly short of biology I had to look this one up:

Nematodes are the most numerous multicellular animals on earth. A handful of soil will contain thousands of the microscopic worms, many of them parasites of insects, plants or animals. Free-living species are abundant, including nematodes that feed on bacteria, fungi, and other nematodes....

Good one, mate.