Thursday, November 10, 2005

Les Enfants du Parody

We have here a look at the sludge from the bottom of the gene pool. Dear Reader, please, consider your health if you dare to read this following story of another of the stupidest women on Earth. Below we will see the mind of the dhimmi at work, or, as is more likely, not at work but idling, as it has throughout its life. This goes beyond mere peasant stupidity and into the realm of evil and sickening French stupidity.

The woman in the story below is so stupid that it must be deliberate. One might wish this creature ill, but the reality is she was probably still-born and her mother didn't bother burying her with the drowned cats and the poisoned mice and the swept-up dust littered with bed-bugs and fleas.

But this dhimmi slug is an example of the types one finds at the link below as we see at These are creatures so stupid that they will never have clear ideas about anything, moving through life in a haze of feelings, intuitions, prejudices, and resentments uninformed by anything resembling critical and enlightened Human thought. This creature below is likely indicative of the majority of people on Earth; and that is not the end of history, not the way of the world and its people, the high-point of Humanity, as one would fear, but the result of the kind of brain-death one finds in the fascistic world of Islam, a world of peasant subsistence farming, of mental slavery to the ruling obscurantism, whether it be Islam or Communism or Nazism. This p.o.s. woman below is so stupid that nothing will break through the clay that is her mind. The only real solution is to, not as the French elites would have it, as the fascists would have it, to rule this farm animal being from birth to death because she's too stupid to live independently; the course of correct action is to let this creature die a natural death, forget it ever lived at all, and raise children to be supreme in the world of freedom of the mind. That is the choice we face today.

Shall we stupefy the infantalized Human race through Islam and Left dhimmi fascism? Or shall we rise up and continue our revolutions of Modernity? This disgusting beast below is the result of the Left's programme, this evil and repugnant beast who lost her husband to thugs, and who is too fucking stupid to understand even the simple fact that her husband is dead because rioting thugs beat him. If she can't figure it out at this point then we must realize there is no hope of these idiots acting in their own defense. What is to be done, friend?

Widow Blames Sarkozy for Violence

By James Button in Paris
November 9, 2005

Speaking in her apartment in the northern Paris suburb of Stains, Nicole Le Chenadec was calm and clear: Her husband had died after lying in a coma for four days and France's Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, was to blame.

"He lit the fuse with his provocative remarks," Mrs Le Chenadec told reporters."It is because of him that Jean-Jacques is dead."

After 12 days of rioting on the fringes of Paris and other cities, it is still unclear how the French at large are responding, who they blame, and how the violence will change French politics.

Mrs Le Chenadec is only one person but London-based political scientist Jean-Jacques Reland, who spent the past three or four days in France, said he thought she was not alone in blaming the Government.

"While a large minority say bring in the army, most people think these people [the rioters] are the results of our mistakes," he said. "This problem highlights the failure of integration policy in France."

The death of Mr Le Chenadec, 61 - the first in the violence that has spread across France since October 27 - shocked his suburb, just two train stops north of the centre of Paris.

On Thursday night, several days after Mr Sarkozy's described rioters as racaille, or scum, Mr Le Chenadec went downstairs with his friend Jean-Pierre Moreau to put out a fire that had been lit in some bins by youths.

Mr Moreau has been a social worker in the neighbourhood for decades and felt confident he could talk to the hooded young men gathered on the street.

But when he approached them one punched him in the neck, then hit Mr Le Chenadec in the face, knocking him to the ground. The former Renault worker cracked his skull and fell into a coma.

A woman of Algerian background standing in the crowd with her teenage daughter said the young rioters had no respect and it was time to call in the army.

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