Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Fire Next Time

"[T]he unpreparedness of the educated classes, the lack of practical links between them and the mass of the people, their laziness, and, let it be said, their cowardice at the decisive moment of the struggle will give rise to tragic mishaps."

Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth
We begin with a look at the last federal election in France in which Le Pen, a neoNazi, came second in the presidential elction. What will happen next, now that the Muslims have given him and his lot the ultimate election cmpaign platform?

We'll move from that to a closer look at those who are rioting and burning crippled women on buses, the sort of activities that will push the reluctant into the waiting arms of the reactionaries and the fascists. Yes, the victims of society must have their say here. No, that would not be the average French. We leave you, dear reader, to form your own conclusions regarding what is to be done.

Monday, 22 April, 2002, 02:08 GMT 03:08 UK

Shock success for French far right

The far-right nationalist, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has won enough votes to take on Jacques Chirac to become the President of France, in the most staggering election result in European politics in years. [....]

Thousands of people took to the streets around France after the preliminary results were announced, to demonstrate against Mr Le Pen and his anti-immigration policies.

The BBC's James Coomarasamy in Paris says that although the National Front leader had been climbing in the polls, no-one expected Mr Le Pen would upset the status quo in such a dramatic way.

'Big defeat'

The final polls before the vote put the 73-year-old former paratrooper on 13% or 14%, compared with 18% for Mr Jospin.

With 97.75% of the vote counted, Interior Ministry figures showed Mr Chirac on 19.67%, Mr Le Pen on 17.02% and Mr Jospin on 16.07%.

"There is first and foremost the rejection of the people who have governed them so inefficiently... and then the hope for change."

He added: "The chances of me winning the second round don't depend on me but on the French electorate, the French people's desire to rip out the decay that is hitting our country."


Mr Jospin's Finance Minister, former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius, called Mr Le Pen's unexpected triumph "a cataclysm of terrifying proportions".

President Chirac told his supporters that the preliminary result put in question France's future and its values of respect and tolerance.

"Today, what is at issue is our national unity, the values of the republic to which all we French are deeply attached," he said.

"At issue is the future of France, of even the idea we have of our country, of its great humanist tradition, of its universal calling," he said.

"Also at issue is our capacity to live together and respect each other."


The far-right leader who in 1987 described the holocaust as a "detail of history" toned down his usual anti-immigrant rhetoric in this campaign, as law and order - his other main preoccupation - came to the fore.

From Lebanon we read the following bushwah, such utter nonsense you might like to go to a Parisian cafe and blow yourself up out of sheer frustration at the stupidity of the average reporter.

French police report 186 new arrests amid urban unrest

Compiled by Daily Star staff
Monday, November 07, 2005

Spreading urban unrest-- with arson attacks on vehicles, nursery schools, and other targets in France from the Mediterranean to the German border-- reached central Paris for the first time since it began ten days ago, and police on Sunday reported 186 arrests nationwide.

The unrest is forcing France to confront long-simmering anger in its suburbs, where many Arabs and Africans and their French-born children live on society's margins, struggling with high unemployment, racial discrimination and despair.

Just off the highway linking Paris and its Charles de Gaulle airport, Aulnay-sous-Bois is one of many dreary suburbs where unemployment is significantly higher than the national average of about 10 percent. In the rougher estates, it probably reaches 30-40 percent or more, feeding a widespread sense there's not much residents can do to get ahead. "Even if you have a university degree, in the end all they give you is a broom," hisses an Algerian cafe owner.

Fouzi Guendouz worries he won't get a summer job next year because he comes from this riot-hit suburb of 80,000 residents.

"It's already hard enough to get a job when you have an Arab name like mine," says the 20-year-old business student of Algerian origin. "Now my address is against me too."

Guendouz has no time for politicians who urge residents of foreign origin to make more efforts to integrate: "I was born here, I went to school here, I'm a French citizen - how much more integrated can I get? That's an insult, it's stupid."


Sonia Imloul, who works with troubled teens in the northeastern Paris suburb worst-hit by the unrest, says youths are often trapped.

"It is very, very difficult to leave this place," she said.

"There is a stigma attached to being a resident of this place."

Many single mothers are left to fend alone, said Imloul, whose Algerian parents were divorced before her father's death. She is a single mother herself.

"Fathers do not play any role in their children's lives. The father doesn't exist at all," she said.

She said about 40 percent of families in the suburbs where she works are dysfunctional, which explains [?] the high rate of school dropouts, drug use and trafficking, petty crimes and
aggressive behavior. Police records burden youths arrested for petty crime, preventing them from building their futures.

"Those who set fire to cars and buildings are not criminals. They are young kids. What are 12-year-olds doing in the streets at midnight? Parents have no control over them," she said.

Rawa Khalil, 15, has no interest in education. "No motivation," she says simply. It is easier to become a hair stylist and marry and have children, she adds.

Defeatism hits parents, too, and some are accomplices to their children's crimes. Some mothers help their sons sell drugs, Imloul said, by hiding the drugs in their homes.

Most parents, however, are law-abiding people who fear for their children, she said.

Holding her little daughter, a young mother named Ghislaine says the protesting youths have no right to trash things, but sympathizes with their frustration.

"The police are really rough with them," she says. "If they're Arab or black, they constantly get stopped to have their ID card checked. It's no wonder they're fed up with it." - Agencies

One can only guess at how fed up are the people of France with the lumpen-proletariat they've imported, and of the scum of the Earth whom they did not import but who followed the rat-lines and made there ways into France anyway, to nest, to swarm, to gnaw and wreck. We are faced with the cowards of France who must run against the Lepen-proletarians. This is a bad choice all round. Muslims, Left dhimmi fascist, White fascists, and the government of filth people. Good grief.


Jim said...

Just a thought. What if Le Pen and his Nazi scum win the election and then join forces with the Jihaders to gain complete control of France. There has been much coordination between Nazi and Islamist groups since and during Hitlers day. Nuclear powered idiots could ruin your day.

Mirco said...

Le Pen and his crew will never share power with the jihadist.
If he is elected, he will have all the power he want and is able to keep.
Why he would share the power with the jihadists when he will have the mission to destroy them?

John Sobieski said...

Well, somebody needs to step up to the plate and fight the jihadists. More 'dialogue' and appeasement and jizya just plays into their hands. Can't everyone see that?

Anonymous said...

That women in the picture has her boobies out.

It is her fault if I am forced to rape her.


Jim said...

Micro asked: Why he would share the power with the jihadists when he will have the mission to destroy them?

They share a common dream of ruling the world. Nazis are much more than street protesting racist skin heads, better if the good French realize this and do some research. If they already know and still support Le Pen then heaven help us all.

Jim said...

I agree someone should step up to the plate and confront the Jihadists. They must be defeated where ever they start their self serving Jihad. History shows they never accomplish anything except by conquering and looting. You must defeat them, nothing less will do. Dont expect nazis to do it for you.

Pastorius said...

Europe has a romance with fascists. The best a fascist thug as leader could do is to serve as an absess; an infectious pustule which would isolate the foreign body, and expel it from the European organism.

The problem is, then American would have to come in and kick the fascists the hell out.

Do we want to have to do that again ...

and again ...

and again ...

I say, grow up, finally. Elect a tough leader who values free speech, freedom of property, human rights, etc. to such an extent that he's willing to drive out the Islamofascist menace.

Jeez, you guys don't have to go fascist to fight fascist.

Pastorius said...

Sorry about the anti-Europeanism in the previous comment. I'm just sickened by the idea that LaPen would even come up in a civilized conversaion.

He's the kind of thing one only brings up, to hock out.