Saturday, August 20, 2005

Cast the First Stone

We've taken some time recently to attack Presbyterians for their dhimmitude and sometimes subtle fascism. It's time to stop. This is not meant to be a hate fest against any particular group, especially not against a mainstream American church group. And it is especially not meant as any assault on well-meaning people who have no place in the public sphere other than that they are bloggers. Do we apologize for the attacks? Not at all. We'll resume at an instant's notice if the PCUSA comes again to our attention as enablers of fascist terrorism, which is likely. But perhaps some will now take a more measured view of reality than before. No one can ally him or herself with killers and expect to come away unscathed. The fact that those we've written about recently are likely decent people, some of whom we'd be proud to call friends or to claim as children of our own, they are dealing with things they should not. Not yet. Their time will come.

Elsewhere we likened ministers to lawyers, doctors, acct.s, and one would think the ministry would comprise all those professions, surmount and surpass them. One would assume Divinity to be a higher calling. But, if one cannot face adversely ones friends, how will one face the lions in a time of adversity? The time will come. It's time for us here to allow that to happen.

Today's entries deal with women and Islam, but also with Presbyterians and women. Yes, with the Catholics, the Orthodox, and every other group who play dhimmi with the Islamic world. They might all cry: "Ye who is without sin, cast the first stone." As we understand the quotation it does not devolve into moral equivelence, of we are just as bad as they so let's say nothing. Nor does it devolve into sly and dirty innuendo about "Israel." If men won't stand up for women, if Christians won't stand up for Muslims and Jews, if you won't stand up to your friends and claim morality as your guide, then you might have heard the call but it was a wrong number.

Anthony Burgess writes in the opening line of each chapter, (we believe,) of A Clockwork Orange: "What's it going to be then, eh?"

Has the Ludovico Treatment made you incapable of acting immorally, or are you struggling to be moral because it's right? We don't have to be Presbyterian ministers to answer that, and it's a good thing too, because from what we've seen of the PCUSA they'd be the last people we'd consult on questions of right and wrong. Is there moral Presbyterian in all of the USA? Well, let him stand up and declare himself to the world. Then watch him go down to the lions of his church.

This entry is about women and Islam. It is about dhimmis and their silence in the face of whimmitude. After this we'll stay silent about Presbyterians, and we'll watch and wait. We'll wonder "What's it going to be then, eh?"

Why the fuss about dhimmi fascists in Pennsylvania? Why go to any trouble at all over the nonsense they peddle? After all, they're just a group of middle-class wankers with nothing better to do than pretend they are interesting by latching on to the desperate struggles for life facing surely oppressed Muslims in the Islamic world. Why bother with Presbyterians?

Well, why indeed? They are not even close to the point. The point of the exercise is that it is the middle-class fascist dhimmi who aids the perpetuation of the savageries of Islam against the ummah, the greater community of Muslims. The point is that middle-class pretenders in Tartarus, Pennsylvania are paying serious people to provide them with vicarious terrorist thrills and a false feeling of moral superiority they do not possess as individuals. If the Presbyterians were moral and decent and rational people rather than pretentious ideologues parroting cliches of fascist dhimmitude, one could have sympathy for them. But look at what they do. Look at what they provide support for.

Below we see where the Presbyterian money goes when they donate to the Islamic causes they pretend they're so fond of. This, Presbyterians, is what you pay for. Below is a sound hadith, a rule, as it were, demanded of all practicing and faithful Muslims, of which there can by definition be no other kind. Look at yourselves and look at the money in your hands.

'Abdullah b. 'Abbas reported that 'Umar b. Khattab sat on the pulpit of Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) and said: Verily Allah sent Muhammad (may peace be upon him) with truth and He sent down the Book upon him, and the verse of stoning was included in what was sent down to him. We recited it, retained it in our memory and understood it. Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) awarded the punishment of stoning to death (to the married adulterer and adulteress) and, after him, we also awarded the punishment of stoning, I am afraid that with the lapse of time, the people (may forget it) and may say: We do not find the punishment of stoning in the Book of Allah, and thus go astray by abandoning this duty prescribed by Allah. Stoning is a duty laid down in Allah's Book for married men and women who commit adultery when proof is established, or if there is pregnancy, or a confession. (Sahih Muslim, book 17, no. 4194)

What you have just read is canonical Islamic law. You pay more than money when you donate and tithe to the Presbyterian Church of the USA.
(Go to for photo.)
France: A woman stoned to death in Marseilles

Days before she was due to be married, Ghofrane Haddaoui, 23, refused the advances of a teenage boy and paid with her life. Lured to waste ground near her home in Marseilles, the Tunisian-born French woman was stoned to death, her skull smashed by rocks hurled by at least two young men, according to police.

Although the circumstances of the murder are not clear, the horrific "lapidating" of the young Muslim stoked a French belief that the country can no longer tolerate the excesses of an alien culture in its midst.

Later, pop celebrities joined 2,000 people in a march through Marseilles denouncing violence against women, particularly in the immigrant-dominated housing estates. The protest against Islamic "obscurantism" and the "fundamentalism that imprisons women" was led by a group of women of Muslim origin who call themselves Ni Putes ni Soumises (Neither Whores nor Submissive).

The movement, which emerged three years ago to defend Muslim women, is spawning similar groups across Europe, supported by a mainstream opinion that has recently abandoned political correctness and wants to halt the inroads of Islam.

What is Stoning and how is it carried out?

Mina Ahadi
nternational Committee against Stoning

Stoning is legislated in the Islamic penal code in Iran Stoning is the most inhumane and horrifying form of execution, which can only be compared with witch burning in the middle ages. According to Islamic teachings, the punishment for adultery is death by stoning. In recent history, stoning has been associated with Islamist societies and according to the Hadith (sayings and actions of the prophet Mohammad), he himself ordered the stoning of many people in his own time.

In Iran where an Islamic state is governing the country and law is based on Islam, stoning has been officially introduced in the country's penal codes. In practice, hundreds of women and men have been stoned to death, since the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Islamic Penal Code comes in five books; the book in which stoning is legislated is called
"Hodoud" meaning divine will punishment. According to Islamic law, sexual acts outside marriage are crimes, which are punishable by law. In the Hudoud, the so-called crimes are divided into different categories and penalties, including: [Full essay at link.]

What do our Presbyterian dhimmi fascist neighbours have to say about this? It's your fault for colonizing the poor mistreated Muslim world. If only the Jooos would go away; if only we would implement the Kyoto Accords; if only the moon were green cheese we could feed the world. They do not care about Human beings. They care only about themselves and the look of their poses.

Christopher Hitchens on "Women-stoning, Gay-burning and Jew-hating Medieval Theocrats"

Osama bin Laden is a kind of pseudo-intellectual, with a rough theory of history and a highly reactionary desire to restore a lost empire. But he negates even this doomed, pseudo-Utopian project by his hysterical Puritanism, which bans even music and which of course would deny society the talents of women as well as driving out anyone with any culture or education. Thus, any society run by him or people like him would keep on going bankrupt and starving itself to death, with no ready explanation of why this kept happening. The repeated failure would inevitably be blamed on Zionist-Crusader conspiracies, and the violence and repression would then be projected outward, which is why we have a right to concern ourselves with the "internal affairs" of the Islamic world.

Below even the bin Laden level, however, there are those who insist that they prefer death to life, and who really mean it. Suicide is not so much their tactic as their rationale: they represent a cult of death and they are wedded to destruction. It's amazing how many people refuse to see this. They persist in saying that it's a protest against something, or a reaction to some injustice. They are right to an extent: as long as there is a non-Salafist Muslim anywhere, or a Jew or Christian or rationalist, or an unveiled woman or a profane work of art, the grievance can never be appeased. Of course this does have something in common with fascism - "Death to the intellect! Long live Death!" was a favorite slogan of some Francoists: I think it was coined by General Quiepo de Llano - but even fascism could build an autobahn or design a rocket, while these primitives only want to steal enough technology to wreak devastation. So far, they have mainly brought down their own house (as in Afghanistan and now in Iraq) but we can't allow ourselves take too much comfort from that.... This same dead-end for jihad is perhaps being reached in Palestine and will be reached, if we stay intransigent, in Iraq also. What I keep saying is: they wish to be martyrs and we must help them to achieve martyrdom by every method at our disposal.

An interview in Frontpage Magazine with Christopher Hitchens

It is the clearly stated thesis here that Islam is a fascist poligion, and that as revolutionaries of Modernity it is our moral duty to spread by force if necessary the universality of Human rights. Meaning, we cannot stand by idly while Islam destroys its own populations. We cannot stand by idly while Muslims stone women to death, mutilate children, burn people to death, rape and stab, and destroy the lives of those they feel superior to for reasons of faith and gender. It won't do. It has to stop. And one can start by putting an end to the fascist dhimmis of the Presbyterian Church. Stop giving them money. They use it to pay jizya so they can curry favor with their Muslim masters, so they can continue to preen as social activists, so they can pose as 'cool people.' Look at a woman being stoned to death to see how cool are our Presbyterians. Do not give them money. Divest thyself

From (CJF), which was given the following picture from Fatah. The Palestinian woman (in green, the color of Islam) is crucified while Jews with exaggerated Semitic features congregate at the base of the cross. (The fact that Arabs also are Semites did not bother the picture's creators at all.)

The picture is meant to whip up hatred of Israelis and also Americans (perhaps inciting the March 2002 Seder bombing and also the mass murder of September 11). It is also designed to create anti-Jewish feelings among Christians by using the Crucifixion image and perhaps reviving the "Jews as Christ-killers" idea.

The Islamic world is destroying itself, and the dhimmi fascists are helping. What about you? This is a battle between individuals, those who accept the universal rights of men and women, of children, of Humanity and those who do not. Islamic exceptionalism means that, regardless of the taqiyya, the kitman, the smiles and the gentle voices, the Islamic world is built on death worship, misogyny, and fascism in its most primitive forms. If indeed you are a willing and conscious fascist you will be at home in the world of Islam. If you are not a fascist, then you'll have to decide what it's going to be then, eh.

But that, as promised, is our last word on Prsbyterians--for now.

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