Saturday, July 30, 2005

Islamic Flat Earth News:


"WE DELIVER," Says Imam.

In a recent interview with Islamic Flat Earth Times, Samir Ali, director of public relations for the world ummah declared that Islam is a religion of pizza.

"We have many toppings," Samir told IFEN, "We have liver and kidney combo; we have hand and foot deluxe; and our special is hair with stones in it pizza." Yes, we deliver. We send our shadidis on the tube trains and buses to get it to the kafirs while it's hot.

There are some who say Islam is not a religion of pizza. We spit on these mans. They are very ignorant, my friend, they do not know anything of our religion.

Islam Pizza is the fastest growing pizza chain on the face of the flat Earth."

London police are under advisement from the chief and the lord mayor to stop interfering with the prompt delivery of Islamic pizza since an unfortunate incident in which one dedicated delivery martyr was attacked by the Hated Zionist Entity, was made to sit in a train car, and was made to explode, going directly to paradise. Some kafirs died too. The pizza was salvaged, praise Allah.

Mayor Red Ken says Islam is his favorite religion of pizza, and he wants to take out often, numerous toppings, and no Islamophobia about other cultures' tastes.

It is the pizza of Allah.

And yes, they deliver or you pay later.

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