Monday, July 25, 2005

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This blog comes via Canada, as of these recent days, and here there's a vision of Islam as a "religion of peace" that defies all understanding. The consensus on the street here is that it's the Americans who are to blame for all problems in the modern world, especially regarding Islamic terrorism. They will not get it through their heads that the problems arising from Islamic terrorists are rooted in Islam not in American foreign policies.

The question of how to relate to the Canadians becomes important because there is little or very little sympathy for the American efforts to provide safety and security for the average Canadian as well as the average American by way of anti-terrorist legislation and police actions. So long as the northern neighbour refuses to take the problems of Islamic terrorism seriously Canadians continue being a de facto fifth column that provides havens for terrorists, right up till the bombs go off; and even then, many Canadians will likely blame that too on the Americans. How do we move the masses from the position of idiot dhimmis to that of conscious men and women who will act on their own behalf for the sake of their own physical safety?

Below we have an article from the Globe and Mail newspaper, one of a couple of national papers here, perhaps an opinion maker; but there is also a large contingent of people here in Canada who are committed to the opposite view of the Globe's conservatism, the dhimmi Left view of the Liberal government and its lap-dogs of the social democratic New Democratic Party. Until the majority of Canadians, and by extension other dhimmi populations, such as those in Europe, come to realize the nature of Islam as it is rather than as the dhimmi dummies would like to think of it, as a religion of peace, there will be no safety for anyone, even for Muslims themselves who will continue to blow themselves up.

Canadians have an undeserved reputation for being "nice." Well, there's nothing nice about those who will let others kill you. Below we see a typical reaction to Canadian niceness from a Muslim who bullies and berates the government. How long before another suicide bomber crosses the border to wage jihad on the nation? When will Canadians come to their senses and demand that Muslims stop the war they're waging against Modernity? Let's face reality here: Muslims cannot organize suicide bombings in a vacuum; they cannot organize terrorism in the communities without support, if only moral. It doesn't happen in the non-Muslim communities when other groups spawn killers, such as McVeigh, nor in the Indo-Canadian community. Terrorism occurs in the Islamic community because the community, for all their lies and denials, support Islamic terrorism. And Canadians pretend it's the fault of Americans. Canadians will die because of that attitude. Maybe they'll apologize to Muslims for making a bloody mess of tube trains and buses.

"Imam warns Ottawa to back off Muslims."


Monday, July 25, 2005 Page A10

A controversial Toronto imam warned Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan at a closed-door meeting to stop "terrorizing" Canadian Muslims.

"If you try to cross the line I can't guarantee what is going to happen. Our young people, we can't control," Aly Hindy, the head of Scarborough's Salaheddin Islamic Centre, recalls telling the minister at the May meeting she held in Toronto with dozens of Muslim leaders.

The meeting was part of an effort by Ms. McLellan to reach out to Canadian Muslims amid complaints that the RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service are engaging in racial profiling.

The minister and her officials have been meeting community leaders to explain they are not targeting Muslims generally, only individuals with possible terrorist links.

By many accounts, the meetings have been positive and are contributing to a thaw in relations between Muslims and security agents, even if the exchange in May was a little heated.

Mr. Hindy, who has long complained that CSIS is spying on him, his family and his mosque, told Ms. McLellan that a young Muslim woman complained to him she was roughed up by Canadian spies while her husband was away at prayers. This allegation could spur reprisals because "our women are the most valuable thing to us" and "for a Muslim, honour is more important than his life," Mr. Hindy said in a recent interview.

He made the point to the minister. Several people who attended shrugged off the imam's remarks, but some Muslims and government agents later approached Mr. Hindy asking him to explain himself.

"The police came to me and said, 'This is a kind of threat,' and I said yes," he said. "But it's for the good of this country.

"And they said, 'Do you know some of the names of those people you expect to cause some problems?' And I said, 'You just open the telephone directory.' "

While government investigators probing the woman's complaint told Mr. Hindy they have not found evidence of wrongdoing, he isn't giving the spy service the benefit of the doubt.

"We believe CSIS should stop terrorizing us," he says in a flyer he is circulating to mosques. "CSIS is powerless. CSIS has no authority over you. If CSIS agents come to your door, do not open [it] for them."

Toronto's Coalition of Muslim Organizations arranged the meeting, and said about 100 Muslim leaders attended. While COMO president Adam Esse noted that, "some people, when they talk, they get a little heated," he said the ministerial visit was "a sign of respect" and was worthwhile overall. "If you talk, you remove a lot of misconceptions, a lot of misunderstandings."

A spokesman for Ms. McLellan agreed. "We feel it was constructive, positive," Alex Swann said.

Even Mr. Hindy said that despite his differences with security agencies "the Deputy Prime Minister, she was very understanding."

In the wake of the London bombings, Ms. McLellan has said that Canadians must become "psychologically prepared" for such an attack.

She has also suggested such strikes are not related to the U.S.-led war in Iraq, in which Britain is a strong partner. Mr. Hindy believes the war in Iraq has caused young Muslims to want to fight against the United States and Britain. "I always say the No. 1 recruiter of al-Qaeda is George W. Bush," he said.

The imam said six or seven young men have approached him to discuss "fighting overseas" in place such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

He said he told them "people fighting in Iraq, they don't need more people."

Instead, Canadian Muslims can wage non-violent jihads (holy struggles) at home. "You have a very good chance to serve Islam here," he told them.


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