Thursday, June 02, 2005

Stoning in Iran

(This picture, smuggled out of Iran, was taken in 1992 in the town of Arak)

There will follow a dialogue from a Moslem website in which people write to an Islmaic religious advisor asking him about the morlality of stoning women to death in this day and age. The imam replies that of course it's the right thing to do because Western women are sluts, and that if Moslem men don't treat their own women properly, i.e., by stoning them to death or otherwise murdering them when the desire arises, Moslem women will become sluts too.

Editorially, our point is that to aid and abet Moslems in the West we aid and abet those in Moslem nations who commit the atrocities we see in the picture above. The Karen Armstrongs of the world, educated Westerners who pimp for the savages of Islam, are complicit in murder. The are guilty of crimes against the girl being murdered, for example, and of the countless other murders , and the daily tragedy of life for people living under Moslem slavery. Karen Armstrong is a criminal, as is John Espositio and the monsters of CAIR, Ibrihim Hooper, for example, who act in support of Islam and its criminality. But that is not illegal. To see what Isalm is and does, and to know that we can also be complicit by supporting reactionary theses unwittingly, is to cast ourselves in the role of dhimmis. We must have a clear ideological programme and a party of professional revolutionaries leading the vanguard of this struggle against the forces of fascist Islam. Who knows what's right and wrong? We have to analyse our positions in deciding whether Karen Armstrong is a criminal or if she's simply a psychopath on the take. maybe Armstrong is just a middle-aged fat lady with a supreme lack of human decency, unfortunate but not criminal at all. Maybe she's just a very intelligent woman who has no capabilities as an emotional human being. Or maybe she is a criminal, and maybe we must work to change the laws to outlaw collusion with the forces of Islam, even to the point at which Islam is seen as a crime against humanity that must be destroyed by armed intervention from Western nations in defence of the people of Islam.

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