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Irrationality and Islam

Some Pakistanis See U.S. As Symbol of Woes
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- A bomb kills worshippers at a Shiite Muslim shrine, and some mourners shout "Down with America!" Days later, a suicide bomber strikes a Shiite mosque and an angry crowd torches a nearby KFC restaurant.

"People went mad, they had no idea what they were doing," said Turabi. "People hate America. For many people in Pakistan, KFC is a symbol of America."

"We hate America because Americans are responsible for the miseries of all Muslims in the world," said Nisar Haider, a spokesman for the Immamia Student Organization.1.
It is a central thesis of this blog that Islam is a fascism. Islam is indisputably a religion, sharing as it does the central root of the word fascism, a binding together. All religions, by definition, bind, but only Islam is a clear fascism. All religions are irrational, though not incoherent. Even the fasist political religion of Islam is an internally coherent poligion. Only the fascist poligion of Islam binds its adherents to the irrationality of tribal nomadism to the point of self-anihilation. Only Islam is so anti-rational that it is suicidal. Only Islam is going to die in our day.

Islam is a rejection of all revolutions in human history. Islam is a rejection of the agricultural revolution of 5,000 years ago. Islam is a poligion dedicated to nomadic pillage, rape, enslavement, extortion, and idleness outside times of war. Islam is an orthopraxy for the obsessive-compulsive irrationalist. The mind of Islam is an endless cycle of wandering in search of loot, of dumpster-diving in the desert of the world, ceremonialized by rituals of fear and hatred and death-worship. Islam is a rejection of all revolutions, agriculture, urbanity, literacy, commerce, and most importantly, of rationality. The human revolutions of 1776 and 1789 put the final end to Islam, and the results of those revolutions are now too obvious for Islam to ignore, the stench of death too powerful to pretend it comes from the enviornment rather than from the corruption of Islam itself. And so Islam blames the world. The world is America. It is the revolutions of Modernity. It is what the nomads of Islam reject.

The closing of the gates of interpretation, al Bab al-ijtihad, wasn't the end of history for Islam. There is no history in Islam. Islam is a cyclical pattern of thought that moves in an endless, pointless circle from life through to death--continuously. To announce the perfect understanding of Islam and to deny any furhter thought on the matter isn't the end of Moslem intellectual enquiry. There was none to begin with. Islam began and ended as a tribal code of nomads who live by scavenging. They are pre-historic, ahistorical. In Islam there is only the continuous historical present, today the same as then, the same as anytime at all. Islam is a codified ritual of savages. It is stuck intellectually in the mists of prehistory, and it lives a physical life in the modern world. Islam is dying, and so is its adherents. Islam is a rejection of modern rationalism in favor of the primitive past of hunters and gatherers. Islam is a violence. Islam is a fascism.

The umma, the great Islamic community, is the national substitute, the extention of the tribe. It is the herd writ large, writ grand. If we look at Islam as a fascism we will see in scholars of fascism the clear evidence that Islam is nothing more than a primitive fascism. One of the main tenets of fascism is irrationality andf the rejection the possiblity of human progress. George Mosse writes well on this topic. The following is a brief synopsis from a book review that might shed some light on the conflict we face with Islam today.

Brian C. Anderson: A review of George Mosse, The Fascist Revolution: Toward a General Theory Of Fascism.

Nationalism and the love of violence and war—these are familiar themes in the copious literature on fascism’s attributes. Where Mosse is most interesting is on Fascist irrationalism and on fascism and revolution. In a fascinating chapter, originally published nearly four decades ago, Mosse explores the roots of National Socialism in nineteenth–century mysticism. Recreating the feverish world of such forgotten late–nineteenth century writers as Julias Langbehn, Alfred Schuler, and Paul de Lagarde, Mosse paints a disquieting portrait.

These irrationalists despised the cosmopolitan—and in their view largely Jewish—bourgeois universe of calculation, contract, and money. Instead, they surrendered themselves to "a belief in nature’s cosmic life force, a dark force whose mysteries could be understood, not through science but through the occult." In some of the most vivid pages in The Fascist Revolution, Mosse describes Schuler trying to cure Friedrich Nietzsche of his madness with an ancient Roman spring rite, bizarre seances, theosophical preachments, and much other anti–Christian and anti–Enlightenment nonsense—seemingly harmless until one realizes the culture of irrational barbarism it did its part in conjuring. But the Nazis weren’t alone in their irrationalism; Mussolini, too, drank from its well, in his case from the thought of Nietzsche and the theorist of violence George Sorel, though Mosse unfortunately neglects to discuss these intellectual sources of Italian fascism.2
In coming posts on "Islam as Fascism" we hope to address issues regarding the thoughts and theories of Neitzche and Sorel as well as others. for now let us continue with irratrionality in Islam as a fascism.

Islam, though it has millions of adherents, is a large political movement of small tribes living in a premodern geographical space in the mind. In the Dionysian world of blood and soil of the Islamic primitive mind longing for the pre-lapserian lost paradise of the Rightly Guided Caliphate, the encroachments of Modernity and the obvious benefits of progress and rationality heighten their individual and collective cognative dissonance to the point that the only reasonable escape from the terror of the final end is an enraged drama of ritual suicide. They cannot reason why, they can only do and die. The Islamic world is at war with its own reaction to modernity, and they are obviously losing badly, so badly and so obviously that they revert to the savagery of a cornered animal fighting mindlessly against the inevitable. But Moslems are higher animals, acutely aware of their impending death as individuals, as communities, and as a movement of humanity. The superimposition of ritual on irrationality requires them to flee into further orthopraxy in combat against modernity, a cycle of defeat they cannot but continue till they cease to exist. They are mad, and they have no idea why, but they know it has something to do with chickens.

Irrationality is a political ideology. Irrationality is a counter-force against modernity, against the revolutions of America and France, against the revolutions of literacy, of commerce, of cities, of thinking logically and determining a plausible outcome based on reason rather than on the primitive assumption that the gods are in control and the lords will govern rightly. Irrationality is the ritualization of Nature, the endless cycle of seasons, weather, birth, life, and death, with a chimera of sense from the feeling that something larger is in charge of it all. Irrationality is a political force in Islam, the way Islam is organized, how things are ruled, the way it is. There is only submission. And now that Islam must submit to Modernity, Islam, returning obviously to its base nature, turns to violence and rage against power it cannot understand. In a pre-modern world that kind of animal reaction to Nature was fine, the victory going to the strongest, the cleverest, the best armed. Irrationality does not work in battle against reason. More irrationality, more intense irrationality is of no help. More suicide is not going to beat Modernity. The irrationality of Allah-worship will not stop tanks. The Melian Dialogue will likely replay itself as it played in Thucydides' time. We cannot reason with Islam. They will not allow it.

Below, a young graduate student writes a bit more on fascism. Over the coming period we'll return in depth to the question of what Islam is and what fascism is, and how they are the same. In this post our point is to show that irrationality is a politcal stance, part of the ideology of Islam and of fascism both. It is not simply stupidity, but it is a moral and social approach to reality manifest in politics.

From the Internet, more on ideology as Irrationality:

[F]ascism is a 20thcentury ideology, a revolt against the ideas and values that have dominated Western politics since the French Revolution, 1789. Fascism is against every major idea behind liberalism, socialism, and anything that arose out of the Enlightenment. For fascists, freedom is defined as complete submission to the state. Progress is only possible through struggle and war. Fascism rejects the basic ideas of the Enlightenment, is not a rational philosophy, but favors action instead.

George Sorel , Reflections on Violence focussd on the significance of political myths. According to Sorel, these myths are not objective reflections of political reality, but simply expressions of the will. They are emotionally based. Even if an idea does not make rational sense, said Sorel, if enough people believe it, then it can work. Fascism used this as a basis to promote itself. According to fascism, the important truths of life defy rational thought. The fascist source of higher truth is instinct, rather than rationality, an Enlightenment conception of the pursuit of Truth. A good fascist leader simply knows instinctively what is right, and makes his or her decisions thus, as opposed to reasoning. 3.
Irrationality includes numerous asects, one of which is the leader-principle, well-know in modern history from Hitler and Stalin, Mussolini and Mao, and too many others. In Islam, the leader, the perfect man, is Mohammed.Irrationalism precludes the privacy of the individual, giving over control of reality to the leader and to the state, or to the ulema. Symbols, rites, ceremonies, orthodox practices of meaningless rituals, and more than anything, the celebration of death for the sake of grandness in the face of mediocrity are the heights of fascist irrationality. Love the ruler, imitate him, die heroically for him and for the glory of the cause to gain ones reward in the after-life.

If fascism were completely wrong, there would be only a few mental patients clinging to it. It must have some deep-seated place in the human experience to keep it alive for so long in the lives of so many. Soon we'll look at the good that fascism offers its believers. If fascist irrationalism motivates nearly a billion people to suicide it must have something to offer over and above a gruesome death and the end of an entire civiilization. And if America were good altogether, how could it be the cause of all the miseries of Islam? Maybe its something in the chicken recipes.

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