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Modern Revolution

Wealth is an indicator of more than mere money: it signifies freedom to keep the product of ones labour, to keep it from alienation; but more than that, wealth signifies the right of the person to create wealth without interference from above, from the government or the ruling oligarchies of entrenched privilege. Why should we care? The rich get rich, the poor get poorer.

Well, that's only the case if there is a limited availability to grow, at which time to get more one would indeed have to take from another. Such is not the case in our economic system, a case in point being the Saudi theives who raise the price of oil to outrageous highs while the rest of the world continues to expand economically in spite of them. In America more people are now millionaires than last year. No one got poorer because rich people broke into their homes or hovels and stole from them. Millionaires didn't cut wages and raise working hours at the bottle-washing factory. The economy world-wide, outside the Moslem world, expanded, thus more millionaires. This site is not dedicated to cheerleading for millionaires, though they are encouraged to donate money to us if they wish. We are here to expose dhimmitude, to show that we are in the grip of a mental idiocy that threatens to destroy our world of modern civilization and progress by pandering to primitives and barbarians who would and will destroy our very lives if they can. Our purpose here is to show the results of dhimmitude and how we can fight against it. The rich getting richer is simply one example of the benefit of democracy in the world, and how that democracy must expand to include all people as a basic Human right--for everyone. And Islam is a reactionary force that prevents freedom and democracy, one that does not allow for private riches in the hands of citizens at large. Millionaires are simply an indicator of democracy at work in the marketplace of ideas.

Islam is a fascism, a totalitarian ideology pretending to be a religion. In truth it is a prison for the mind as well as for the body of the citizenry at large. Islam is an evil corruption of the human mind and spirit, one that locks the Moslem into a primitive state of semi-consciousness, that drains the intellect, and poisons the mind to love death more than anything in life. There is little more evil in the world today than Islam. And the fact is that the Western world lived in a similar state untill fairly recently, until the Renaissance and especially until the American and French Revolutions. Those revolutions broke up the bonds of the mind of Mankind, and now, unfortunately, the revolutuions have ceased to spread. It is our position here that those revolutions must again spread, by force if need be, across the face of the world, and damn the resistence.

Modernity is good, a progressive force in human life that must grow until it encompasses the entire human race. progress is relatively new as a concept. Modernity and progress are revolutionary concepts that come to us via the American and French revolutions, also from the British Industrial Revolution. Regardless of their places of origin, those revolutions are of universal benefit. It is a crime against humanity to stop the spread of the benefits of those revolutions.Islam is resistent, is reactionary in its insistence that there shall be no progress in the Islamic world. We argue that such a stance is a crime against humanity. Those who resist the benefits of Modernity must be swept away, or, as George Orwell would have it put in plain English, they must be killed. The forces of reaction must be dragged from their places of refuge and they must be destroyed physically if they resist the progress of humanity. The Terror of Year Two of the French Revolution must pale in comparison if we are to save hiumanity for the evil of Islam to save Moslems by the billion.

Modernity isn't perfect. It is the best way to pursue the course of human good at this time, and it opens the gates to further improvement in the lives of humanity for the future. Islam has closed those gates and is waging war against both Modernity and its own citizens to the point of suicide. The American, French and Industrial Revolutions must continue, and the forces of reaction must continue to die in an ocean of blood if they resist. It is obvious. It is necessary.

Eric J. Hobsbawm, Marxist historian, writes in The Age of Revolution: 1789-1848, of the difference between our world and that of the world of Islam and the world of our ancestors thus when he contrasts the word of reaction to the world of progress:

The Great Encyclopaedia of Diderot and d'Alembert was not merely a compendium of progressive social and political thought, but of technological and sientific progress. For indeed the conviction of the progress of human knowledge, rationality, wealth, civilization and control over nature with which the eighteenth century was deeply imbued, the 'Enlightenment,' drew its strength primarily from the evident progress of production, trade, and the economic and scientific rationality believed to be associated inevitably with both. (Hobsbawm: p. 34.)

Seeing was believing for the intellectuals of the French Revolution, and they saw improvement in the life of ordinary men and women even more than 200 years ago in the concurrent revolution of science and technology, primitive as it was then. Hobsbawm continues with nothing less than a paean to capitalism, whether he's aware of it or not. He argues that revolution in France, for the rights of man universal and the industrial revolution in the making spread wealth and freedom to those who before those revolutions were subject to primitive feudalism, alienated from the products of their labour by the class interests of the latifundist aristocracy, the church, and whoever had the means and might to take wealth from those who produced it, i.e. the peasantry. Limited distribution of the wealth? Yes, without a doubt. The capital accumulation in the hands of the few was unprecedented even in ancient times, causing starvation among the working classes in newly industrialized cities, themselves new as a human concept. The important feature here though is the concept of revolution that broke down the feudal regimes and made way for the idea of Progress itself, a concept that seems to have been either forgotten or deliberately ignored by the Left in recent years in favor of philobarbarism and Left reaction in favor of infantalization of the lumpen-proletariate for lack of a working class to dominate. There is progress, and even the 18th century had ample evidence of it in France and England. It is evidence of the bifurcation of the world of today, a split between those of the inheritance of the Revolutions and the world of primitivism and Modernity.

Islam is a totalitarian reactionary ideology of the feudal past that Western Europe and America evolved beyond. The Islamic world is stuck in a primitve and violent past human effort to control the world through evil superstiton by means of a fascist poligion. Islam is the modern equivelent of the feudal French Estates of privilege. We argue that Islam, like the Estates, must go to the chopping block.

In the story below we see that in one small county in the west of the United States there are more rich people than before, and one can be certain that they are rich because there is little impediment to their creative abilities to create wealth. In the story below we can see the rise of ordinary people in America who in the lands of Islam would be slaves to feudalism, savages living in poverty and ignorance and disease because the world of Islam refuses the concept of progress. Wealth is not everything, and Islam does have its appeal to those who love totalitarian certainties. For the rest of us, the nature of progress is well shown in the numbers below. Personal wealth is indicative of progress in personal lives, achieved in a progressive system of designed and protected intellectual pursuit, something not allowed in Islam, something at risk in the dhimmi West.

Hobsbawm has a number of important and interseting observations we can use to analyse Islam and the forces of reaction in our time. For the next number of posts we'll look at his work and see what we can do to destroy the dhimmi attitude that prevails today in the West by considering his insights into our recent past that resemble the state of Islam today. We hope to show through the works of a communist that the world of progress is facing a fascist Islam, and that even a communist can see it must die.

Below we can see the legacy of peasants who live in a free country, the fruit of progress at its most trivial but most obvious. This story below comes from a San Diego newspaper:

San Diego County now has 34,950 millionaires

By: North County Times staff and wire reports

San Diego County's cadre of millionaires is growing at a rate that outstrips the growth of millionairedom around the world and across the nation, a pair of reports on the increase of so-called high-net-worth individuals showed Tuesday.

The 2005 World Wealth Report by financial management company Merrill Lynch and business consultant Capgemini found that the number of high-net-worth individuals ---- persons whose net worth, excluding the value of their primary residence, is at least $1 million ---- grew by 600,000 last year around the globe. The number of those calling the San Diego region home grew 10.72 percent to 34,950, a separate report by local market research firm Claritas found. It could not be determined whether Claritas and the other firms used the same database.

The wealth report found that there were 8.3 million people worldwide with $1 million or more in financial assets at the end of 2004, up from 7.7 million a year earlier.
Their total wealth rose 8.2 percent to $30.8 trillion in 2004, giving them control of nearly a quarter of the world's financial assets, according to Petrina Dolby, vice president of Capgemini's wealth management practice.

The 8.2 percent increase was the strongest since an identical 8.2 percent rise in 1999, she said.

Not surprisingly, the expansion of the millionaire class was especially strong in North America because of the solid economic growth last year in both the United States and Canada. The group swelled by 9.7 percent nationwide, a full 1 percent behind San Diego County's crop of new millionaires.

"Significantly, North America surpassed Europe both in total high net worth individuals population and wealth for the first time since 2001," when North American investors were hard-hit by the bursting of the technology stock bubble and the terror attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The Asia-Pacific region also showed strong growth.

According to the latest figures, the number of high-net-worth individuals included 2.7 million in North America with a total of $9.3 trillion in assets; 2.6 million in Europe with $8.9 trillion; 2.3 million in the Asia-Pacific region with $7.2 trillion; 300,000 in Latin America, including Mexico, with $3.7 trillion; 300,000 in the Middle East with $1 trillion; and 100,000 in Africa with $700 billion.

The study also looked at what it termed "ultra-high-net-worth individuals," who have at least $30 million in financial assets.

Their ranks increased by 6,300 individuals, or 8.9 percent, in 2004 to 77,500 worldwide, the study said.
San Diego County now has 34,950 millionaires.

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