Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The sea-change in modern history that upsets our Muslim cousins so deeply today is the change from the feudal and primitive way of life they know--and whether they feel it's good or not, they do feel an attachment to it simply because it is their way of life, traditional and simple, basic and predictable, soothing in its utter idiocy--to the revolutionary life of the American, French, and Industrial Revolutions. Even in the West, in an intellectual mindscape rather than the geographical landscape, there are many who long for the certainties of fascism and blood purity and for the primitive lusts of savageries, hierarchy, and brutal, imperious authority. In the West there are those who love to worship the barbarian life they've lost and cannot return to, a sentimentalist's nostalgia for a falsely reconstructed vision of pre-modern purity and innocence, a time when men were men and women were bent over. The three revolutions above put paid to that remnant of social and cultural primitivism in many parts of Western Europe and North America. Many among us today hate that freedom from the fascist norm of the past. Having lost it they long to regain it through some vicarious association with primitives, in the current case, with Muslims. But who cares if Muslims love their own slavery? Let them have it if they so choose; but do not suggest that anyone is entitled to raise children into a slave system, for there is no right anywhere to destroy the lives of ones own simply because of the thunderous stupidity of many who argue for it on the grounds of sanctity of tradition or cultural practice. Those are people we should feel delight in exiling to uninhabitable wildernesses to let them extinguish themselves for the greater good of the future of Humanity. Who needs suicide-bombers killing at random for the sake of the preservation and even restoration of the evils of the regressionists? Let them die. In fact, let's be active in our pursuit of furthering the telos of Humanity.

Yes, the primitives feel that their lives are worth preserving-- and worth losing-- in the struggle for the future of deciding the course of human history. In this epoch of revolution we must say that we are on the side of progress or of reaction, and we must act accordingly. Those of us who are progressively inclined, regardless of our bolshevik numbers, have the same imperative to win the struggle against the forces of reaction; and no sentimentality about the primitives need enter into it. One side or another must prevail, regardless of the dhimmi nonsense we read from our dhimmi/collaborator fellows. The obvious contradictions of the historical anti-thesis in struggle against the thesis are clear to all, even to the dhimmi cum fascists in powerful academic and government positions in the West. The historical inevitability of the struggle is not lost on any but the densest of dhimmis in the furthest suburban shopping-mall wonderlands. Even the most primitive Muslims on Earth understand clearly that we are in a struggle for the future course of Humanity. The primitives understand that in order to survive at all they must stop all Human progress and turn back the Human endeavour to the point that all becomes like the 7th century of the Arabian desert. The contradictions of economies are too great to allow the continuation of Modernity which outstrips the primitives geometrically on a daily schedule. The march of Progress is wearing bedroom slippers, and it's time to change into jack-boots, like it or not. Or if not, if our modern world is not worth preserving and enhancing, we must in acts of good-faith turn dhimmi and fight Modernity with all our power. Someone has to go, and if it's the modern man, then so be it, but let it happen soon because the time came long ago, and the suspense is killing a lot of people who would do better to get it over with.

The birth of Modernity is a violent and painful time in the history on Humanity. Hobsbawm writes in The Age of Revolution: 1789-1848 on the tearing apart of the old world of tradition, rural poverty, top-to-bottom ignorance, and the general miseries of the world-at-large as the Industrial Revolution came into being:

Its most serious consequences were social: the transition to the new economy created misery and discontent, the materials of social revolution. And indeed, social revolution in the form of spontaneous risings of the urban and industrial poor did break out, and made the revolution of 1848 on the continent, [and made] the vast Chartist movement in Britain. Nor was the discontent confined to the labouring poor. Small and inadaptable businessmen, petit-bourgeios, special sections of the economy, were also the victims of the Industrial Revolution and of its ramifications. Simple-minded labourers reacted to the new system by smashing the machines which they thought responsible for their troubles; but a surprisingly large body of local businessmen and farmers sympathized profoundly with these Luddite activities of their labourers, because they too saw themselves as victims of a diabolical minority of selfish innovators. (Hobsbawm: pp. 54-55.)

With an irony only the gods could enjoy, an irony bordering on German Irony, it falls to those who are Progressives to fight for the revolutions that stalled in America and France and Britain, the revolutions of Modernity. Standing in opposition to the continuation of those revolutions are the Luddite Moslems of the world, primitive fascists who love their primitivism and their innately evil traditional cultures.Islam is a fascism, and those who support it from the sidelines are fascist collaborators, dhimmi pimps, the scum of our societies of modern progress. We who are progressive must act as revolutionaries in the name of progressivism, and we must pursue our revolutionary activities with professionalism and dedication that Lenin showed possible and unbeatable in the face of reactionary force. We call for the overthrow and destruction of the forces of reaction, the military occupation of primitives' lands, and the enslavement of those populations under a dictatorship of Progressivism till the primitives are no long extant. Us or them.

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