Thursday, May 26, 2005

What is to be done?

In 1902 V.I Lenin wrote What is to be Done? a book in which he formulated his concept of the revolutionary socialist party as the means by which the vanguard of the working-class will over-throw reactionary governments and replace them with Communist Party leadership. His book demands, and rightly so in context, that dedicated and professional revolutionaries, the leaders of the working-class's primivitive and intuitive socialist movements, take control of the leadership of the socialist movements and that with a clear programme they follow through to power in the name of the working-class and that they establish a dictatorship of the proletariate. Lenin argues that only professional revolutionaries with a clear ideological base can achieve effective power in the name of the working-class, and that any other approach will lead to nothing more than social democracy or anarcho-syndicalist unionism, and an eventual regression to capitalism.

One of Lenin's greatest concerns was that left to its own devices, the working-class would drift into compromises with capitalist forces, would be co-opted, and would be left without the socialism Lenin was so determined to implace in the world at large. Lenin argues against those he refers to as the 'infantile Left,' the utopians, and against the rightists who feel that compromise with capitalism is a sure sign of victory for the working-classes. To ensure that only true socialism triumphed, Lenin proposed the leadership of profesional revolutionaries in a party solidly commited to a strict interpretation of the Party line. No compromises, no deviations, no revisionisms.

Lenin writes: "Without a revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement."

In our current struggle against fascism, in this case manifest in Islam with its attendent dhimmitude in the West, we see a great movement of false consciousness across the non-Muslim world, especially obvious in promotion of self-dhimmitude by the leadership of America and particularly in Western Europe. Without an anti-dhimmitude theory there can be no anti-dhimmitude revolutionary movement. As Lenin asked, so must we ask: "What is to be done?"

It is our position that as a vanguard force in struggle against jihad and dhimmitude that we must have a clear ideological programme to combat Islamic fascism, and that the struggle must be led by professional revolutionaries dedicated to the total elimination of Islam from the world. Without that revolutionary theory to support the revolutionary programme in action there can be no revolutionary party to lead a revolutionary movement. We must, as the vanguard of this struggle against Islamic fascism, be clear and precise in our ideological foundation and certain of our path to acheive it. We must form a revolutionary party, and we must be professionals to win power to defeat Islam. That is what is to be done.

We must in, order to succeed, form a political movemnent from the masses by recruiting those who are aware of the need for our success, those who are cognizant of the threat of Islam and the growing dhimmitude we face daily. We are, at this stage, in the intuitive and disorganized period of the working-class in Europe in 1848, knowing something is drastically wrong but not sure what or how to change conditions for the better. Our struggle is inarticulate and naive, romantic and utopian. To move beyond this stage we need a leadership for the masses who are clear on the nature of the threat and how to destroy it at its roots. Therefore, we propose the formation of an ad hoc political party, one that is conscious of its historical significance in that it is dedicated to planning for the long-term; that is activist in its nature rather than devolving into a debating society; that is co-ordinated and dicsiplined in its planned actions; and that is composed of committees and sub-committees: a planned action co-ordinating committee, [PACC.]

The struggle against Islamic facsism is a broad-based front of all freedom loving people from a myriad of poitical and religious foundations. There cannot be a single party of like-minded people in agreement with any but the most basic principles of anti-dhimmitude and a commitment to the destruction of Islamic fascism in our time. It is with that provisio that we must form a political party with the sole intent to destroy fascist Islam and to promote individual intellectual freedom.

As a first step toward founding a political action party in struggle against Islam we suggest the formation of community reading circles: that as individuals we gather our friends and neighbours to our homes and meeting places where one evening per week we read and discuss among ourselves the works of Robert Spencer, director of JihadWatch, author of Islam Unveiled, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Crusades, and many other books and articles. That by learning with our friends and neighbours about the threat of Islam to the modern world we thereby form the nucleus of a planned, active, co-ordinated committee of community members conscious of the struggle at hand. And as we are well aware, most of our friends and neighbours do not really see this fascism as a threat, and they do not really care to become involved. There are solutions to the general apathy of the nation. To found a political party we must gather recruits, and that is avialable to us through works of public appeal. To gather members to our movement we can leaflet our communities to attract like-minded people to our cause. To have reading circles we must attract the interested. We can do so by producing propaganda works designed to encourage discussion of dhimmitude in our communities and in our nations.

This is what is to be done:

At this site we will progressively present down-loadable graphics for our readers that they can print and disperse within their communities to reach sympathetic readers;

Each reader-group leader should organize his/her group members into cells and then encourage them to branch off and form new reader-groups to further the discussion and spread the propaganda peices to other communites;

That as a group forming a political party we must be consistent in our presentations and pure in our ideology, as minimal as it must necessarily be, by retaining the same group name, PACC, and by presenting uniform propaganda in co-ordination with other of our groups, propaganda peices with a single coherent message and single indentifying logo, the "phase-shift" symbol [to come shortly at this site.];

That we present an official manifesto of the Party for public release to all and any media, and that our manifesto be clear, coherent, and the programme of the Party's professional revolutionaries in struggle against dhimmitude;

And finally that we dedicate our eforts to achieving poitical power in our nations as members of a political party dedicated to the elimination of Islam in its entirity.

It is only by following the strict laws of political power that we will meet our specific goals, and only by having a clear and uncompromising ideological programme that we will win our struggle for political power.

Attaining political power for our party is our goal, the purpose of which must be the destruction of fascist Islam. To do so we must plan our actions within co-ordinated committees of dedicated professional revolutionaries. That is what is to be done.

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