Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Us and Them

In the geography of the mind the world of 'The West' extendsfrom Japan to Australia to Europe to Russia to America and India. In the geography of the mind the West is the world of the Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, the time of Progress rather than endless repetitive cycles. There is the West, there is China, there is Africa, there is Latin America, there is the ummah of Islam. There is Us and Them.

In the world today, as in all times and places in human history, the state of competition between groups is intense and often violent. Such is life, and those who win continue till they lose. There is nothing strange or disturbing in that. However, in the world of Islam-- the world of losers-- the fight is not any longer for dominance and control, not even for the end of history, but for them the end of the world itself, even for the very end of life of man on the planet. Islam is in a state of crisis that will not lessen or fade with time but will increase in intensity till Islam itself dies as a cultural force and civilization. Islam is a force from the past, a cyclical manner of life that does not have a place in the post-revolutionary life of the modern world. Islam is incapable of coping with or competing in the modern world as a viable, dynamic ideology; and because of its failure as a mental system, because of its totality as a way of life for the Moslem adherent, Islam, entrenched in the mind of the ummah, is hardened into a mental cement cast that cannot but erode to nothing or to be smashed to dust if it is to change at all. And because Islam cannot change or adapt to the modern world of its own accord it is in a state of crisis to the point of active suicidal hysteria and frustrated, impotent rage at its competitors. Islam is a collective suicide bomber intent on destroying the rest of the world in its own demise. Islam cannot compete, and therefore it will kill as much of the rest of the world in its going as it can. The crisis of Islam is its helpless self-awareness of its own demise.

In posts to come we will look at the state of world revolution in the modern world and compare it to the primitive world of Islam. We will see the division between the progressive revolutionary systems of the Enlightenment and the fascist reaction of Islam and the fascist dhimmitude in the West. We will see where we stand in the fight for the direction we take on the future path of mankind, whether we strive for progress or whether we sink into the reaction of fascist dhimmitude and the decay of modernity into the barbarian past of Islam, and knowing the issue, seeing it clearly in its ideological context we will know which side we choose, and we will know what our programme must be for either decision we might make. We will know our own personal place in the geography of our own minds.

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