Tuesday, May 24, 2005

No Dhimmitude

Dhimmitude, the subjugation of non-Muslims as second-class people within Dar al-Islam, the House of Peace, according to Islamic fascist thought, is reserved for those monotheists of Christianity and Judaism who accept submission to Islamic rule by acknowledging Islamic superiority in terms of political rule by paying jizya, a tax paid in humiliation and fear for the sake of continued existence as semi-subjects, protected from death at the hands of Islam by virtue of their willingness to obey the over-lords of Islam.

In today's modern world we in the non-Islamic world are experiencing a state of encroaching self-imposed dhimmitude, a turning toward slavery by the appeasement of Islamic demands of conformity to the norms and manners of Islam even in contravention of the written laws of our sovereign states.

Our societies, from the United States to Russia to Australia to Sweden, from Thailand to India, are giving way to Islamic privlege at the expence of the settled and traditional laws of our revolutionary modernity in favor of the reactionary barbarism of Islam. Our political and cultural leaders, from senators and judges to movie stars and journalists are promoting Islamic tenets directly opposed to the nature of our post-Enlightenment cultures. All this in the name of tolerance and correction of past injustices of colonialism and Western imperialism.

This site is dedicated to a counter-correction of such philobarbarist romanticism.

Our project is the promotion of Socratic dialectic and Walkerian colonialism world-wide--in direct confrontation to Islamic fascism.

In coming installments we will outline the project at hand and provide space for contributions to the debate. We look forward to your insights and contributions.

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