Monday, December 16, 2013

D.W. Walker, Iquitos, Peru: Almost Close. Available now.

My latest book is now available at 

Wild and wonderful tales from the Amazon jungle city of Iquitos, Peru, Almost Close brings this fascinating city to life for the ages, a collection of stories of places, people and events that will thrill and entertain the reader with indepth views of an exotic land and its eccentric and adventurous characters: colourful locals, expatriot residents, and romantic drifters all looking for paradise, having found it in Iquitos, if not forever and for all, then for some and for a while, perhaps not exactly, but almost close.

The strangest, funniest, most comprehensive English-language book ever written about the isolated Amazon jungle city of Iquitos, Peru. From stray dogs, vultures, and rats to garbage, sewers, the cemetery, and cremation, it’s all here. But wait. There’s more!

Iquitos, Peru: Almost Close looks at orphans living in a world enveloped by witchcraft and a life dominated by evil spirits where people live in shacks atop floating logs or in shakey dwellings perched on high wooden pilings amidst sloshing water-borne disease awash in piranhas, alligators, and anacodas, a place between the traditional selva and modern civilisation, find a starting place for a grand and beautiful future-- for those who survive.

Finally, this is the story of Iquitos in our time: a parade of drug-gulping weirdos, wackos, clowns, and crazies who mingle with gun-toting, knife-throwing, beer-drinking bird watchers, men who wear sunglasses at night, and vibrant gals who love them, people who make Iquitos one of the great places to kick back and live it up as life flows ever into the oceanic, everything and all of us flowing headlong and inevitably down the river of time into the great unknown, some taking pause to marry and make this epic journey together.

Iquitos, Peru: Almost Close. Here. Now.


christian soldier said...

went back and read a few of your posts -2005--you were up on the 'stuff' back then--

Dag said...

I[m still up to stuff here in the Amazon, though it{s different stuff. I hope to get up to different stuff yet again if my books on the Amazon do well, in which case I will try to go to Urumqi in western China to write about Islam there. Looks like I{m waiting here to find out about a French Foreign Legionaire in Afghanistan, hoping he wants a book written about him. Yes, I am now timid and boring. But my book is pretty cool, regardless.

The good old days.... I haven{t forgotten anything about why we are here.

My best from the jungle.


Always On Watch said...

Your book as arrived here!

I need to finish reading The Andromeda Strain (for school because one of my students is reading it). Then Christmas is upon me. Sheesh. What a schedule!

But I've already taken a few peeks at your new book. Good stuff.

I've read "Chuck Surprise Cremation" to several of my friends.

Dag said...

Things might be a bit hard for me for a while now, and I might not be on the net for weeks to come. So, if I{m away it{s because I am working and trying to live cheaply till such time as I get back so savings. In all, it looks pretty good.

For now, Merry Christmas from the steaming Amazon jungle.

jewamongyou said...

Better late than never! I just ordered your book "... close to never." I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I was thinking about you Dag, about how you spent so much time with me, and made my visit to Iquitos even more special. I felt guilty that I never even attempted to repay you in any way - except for maybe a chicken meal; I know you LOVE chicken :)

But I didn't see a "donate" button on your blog...

I wrote about you, among other things, on my new blog ( Hardly anybody reads it though.

Sincerely, Reuben (from Oregon)