Friday, December 13, 2013

Dag Walker's New Book Out Soon

I've been working to polish up my latest book and it is near completion today.
It looks like Ivonne and I have been proofreading and editing and tinkering with my book, Iquitos, Peru: Almost Close, since some time early in Oct. We want to get this one right, and with Ivonne's incredible ability to spot problems and come up with excellent solutions I think we have a book well worth your time and money.
Of course, the oddities in the writing are mine and at my insistence, Ivonne giving in only after rigorous debate on fine points that I overrode. There are numerous instances of what will be seen as bad writing and terrible grammar. I do know better, but sometimes it's more important to make a stylistic point that a grammatical one. In any case, the mistakes, intentional or not, are mine alone.
The book should be ready for order within a day or so. I'll leave a link here when it is ready for the world at large.
Meanwhile, I look forward to writing more at this blog about Iquitos, about life in general, and of course about my own life and times.

Thanks for you patience and continued support.

Iquitos, Peru
12 Dec. 2013


Always On Watch said...


I plan on buying it (as you know). I enjoy your writing -- topics and writing style.

I'm busier than a one-legged man in as ass-kicking contest here. Behind for Christmas like you wouldn't believe!

Dag said...

I can't believe that I left a typo in the post above. I have been proofreading like a maniac for months, and I thought I had it. Instead, it looks like I'm back to my bad old blogger habits. But the book is good.

I'm pleased with it and I am so impressed with my gal that once again I am going to promise to buy her a dress like the one the Elf princess wears in the last Lord of the Rings movie. When I saw the long, white satin gown on that girl I said to Ivonne, (my Elf Princess,) that I would someday get her a dress like it. I'll know that day has come when I can afford a knock-off Rolex watch. I think that day is coming soon.

If ever you saw pictures of Ivonne you'd know she's the gal for me, last year's photo showing her living in the jungle wearing a Santa cap, and, as always, wearing knee-high gum boots, as always, a machete in hand. My Elf Princess!

I hope you like this new book. Will follow up with this soon.

I'm pretty excited.

Next, I'm going to shave for the first time since we began the editing and proofing. Ivonne said if we didn't finish soon, I'd look like Moses. Pretty close to that now.

Hello, Barber!