Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Iquitos, Peru: Closing Time

Iquitos, Peru: Closing Time

I realised one evening that some people might think I'm a little odd at times. At a crowded table of friends at an outdoor cafe, a few of them suddenly shouted at me, “Are you fucking nuts?!”

Well, I felt that I had to explain myself, I guess, because a car bomb had exploded across the street while earlier and a couple of tourists had been killed. The blackened wreck was still burning down, and the white painted lines on the street were still sizzling, giving off an acid smelling smoke that made some peoples eyes water as they watched the ambulance attendants moved away the bodies. I had mentioned off-hand that my life was pretty good and that for the first time in many years I felt at home and at peace. I was sitting at a nice cafe with people I liked, and it was truly a pleasant evening, even with the bitter scent of burnt rubber and the sickly-sweet smell of charred human flesh. I wasn't thinking about that part of the evening when I said how nice it was to be sitting out in the evening under the stars in the warmth and joy of a fine night. My life was awfully good at the moment, though of course it was too bad about the tourists. My companions shouted, “Are you fucking crazy?!”

Perhaps I had mis-timed my comment.

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Always On Watch said...

Are you going to blog anymore?

Dag said...

It has been a while.

I am so displeased with the editing of my last book, and it stares me in the face daily to the point I am often disgusted, that I have been going to extreme lengths to ensure that my current book is properly presented to the world. I have been going at it for so long that I can hardly recognise myself any more. I have grown a beard!

No time to shave.

I would have sent the mss. to my publisher last week but at the last minute I noticed that a late addition, an epigram,has a typo. Because the Internet is so unreliable here I am still stuck trying to fix one letter in a 398 page book. Maybe by Friday.

Meanwhile, I am busy with a book on ayahuasca, the jungle drug so many foreigners are so keen on. I will take it again, my sixth time, on Friday evening. After than, one more session and the next book will be more or less complete.

At the same time, I am still working on my book about Rubber Boom architectute in Iquitos.

I write a lot but nothing recently for this blog. I will return to blogging as soon as the first book goes out. This one will be excellent.

Always On Watch said...

Be sure to let me know when the book is released.

Dag said...


My book is still one week away from publication, just like it has been for the past four weeks, which results in me having a beard. My girlfriend Ivonne says I'll look like Moses before this is finished.

Ivonne is doing so much work on this book that the only way I can ever hope to express my gratitude is to continue asking her to marry me. I tell her not to say yes right away because I must still do things in life to be a reasonable husband, like get a job. Otherwise, I think I have a good chance. And she is not at all going to accept a loser.

Dag said...

Ivonne is working on the text of my latest book with the same energy and determination that she applied to her MBA thesis and to achieving her black belt in karate. Thus, my book is taking far longer to reach publication than I expected it to. On the bright side, it will be a vastly superiour work to the other book, An Occasional Walker, which, ironically, took a year to come to publication when I left it in the hands of another.

In short, here, my new book, Iquitos, Peru: Almost Close, should be available within days. Perhaps tomorrow.

Dag Walker
Dec. 11, 2013