Sunday, March 03, 2013

Iquitos, Peru: Jungle Mind

The mid to late European and American Nineteenth Century had amenities available to the poor that in today's Belen residential area one misses,like a toilet. Outhouses, yes, but still, better than a chunty one empties out the window into the street. Belen is in some ways a mix of the Stone Age and the Late Medieval period of Europe, except that there is some electricity and a lot of cheap consumer goods made anywhere else but Belen where life revolves still around physical wage labour and variations of hunting and gathering. One can easily paint a Romantic picture of Belen, but living there is a different, and usually stinking reality most would go far around to avoid. I like the place and go out of my way to go deep into it where I come out slimed and wreaking. But I can take a shower afterward and get between clean sheets for a reasonably comfortable night's sleep on a full stomach. I'm a tourist. I'd be suicidally upset if all life had to offer me was life living in Belen.  Because I can leave, I like being there.

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