Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Iquitos, Peru's Wet Season

The wet season in the Amazon doesn't mean it rains much. It means the river is swollen to the point that now, like every wet season, the folks at Belen get around in canoes where in the dry season they walked. It is dramatic. Walking with ones best gal, it's also romantic.

When I came to Iquitos back in late July I didn't think about photos of the dry land and the river a long way off. I had to take a mototaxi a few miles to town back then when the boat docked. Now the water laps against the retaining wall a block away.

 Around Oct. I noticed the water filling in some spots closer to town.

By early Nov. it was clear the water was getting closer to the houses on the flats.

 In Dec. it was just a few feet from houses below the wall.

And in Jan. it the water was all around the houses down below.

By late Jan. the place was flooded, and the water is still rising.

It keeps on rising till April or so. And year round it all stays romantic.

Yes, even Belen is romantic in the wet season.

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truepeers said...

Do they wet it up with carnival?

Dag said...

Ha, the secret it now out!

Yes, Carnival is in full swing in this pleasant city by the river, and people are pouring water on every unsuspecting person possible, as well as tossing huge gobs of dyed mud. All in good fun, though someone was killed some year ago and Lima central decided it all had to end. There is now a law against fun of this sort. Folks here are pleasant and happy, and they pleasantly and happily ignore the law and the police, people who are neighbours and family men and folks like all others, ignore that they they are supposed to stop it all. So the fun continues. And yes, the water goes down hill, making the river rise. Or it seems at least that boys are dumping that much water on girls.

I duck and twist, so no baths as such so far for me.