Monday, February 04, 2013

Iquitos, Peru: Brujos at Belen

You know how frustrating it is when you visit the local Whole Foods store for a bottle of snakes and a few packs of hatred powder only to find they are just plain out of it all. "What? No snakes in a jar again!?" you cry in something close to a fit of murderous rage. Well, it's one reason Iquitos, Peru doesn't have grossly expensive chain store supermarkets for fussy eaters who piss off the rest of the world with their nagging and whining and prissy bullshit tantrums about good ol' plain snakes in a jar shopping. You want snakes in a jar? You got 'em at Pasaje Paquito at Belen Market. And hatred powder? Lots of it. Leave the yuppie cry-baby shopper to his gloomy vegetables and tofu crap, the rest of us can eat and drink like real men. And then we can toss some hate powder at the pussies who weep over it all. I say, "Bite me." I shop at Iquitos' Belen Market.

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Anonymous said...

I love this Dag, and I should have you know, that the fancy electronics have taken over the world to an extent that I was recently unaware. You can send e-hate, and e-love. Glad to see you are still in Iquitos, still unraveling Belen.


Dag said...

Hi, Erin. Good to be "in touch" after all this time. You are, I suspect you know already, highly popular at this blog, and so much so that i am naming my new book because of you: Iquitos, Peru: Almost Close.

Funny that it sticks with me so much and so deeply. But there is a mystery about Iquitos and the surrounding area that I can't seem to get enough of. I could live here all of the rest of my days and each day I could write some new story about life here and I could like it all. Having done so much already I have to cut huge chunks out of my efforts so far so I can get it into some reasonable shape for publication. You are not only there, miss, you are the title.

My best to you from Iquitos.

Almost next to you. Almost close.