Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sewers and Toilets in Iquitos, Peru (Part Five)

Sewers and Toilets of Iquitos, Peru (Part Five)

The city of Iquitos, Peru has an antiquated sewer system that doesn't serve the city well, the system being installed piecemeal during the Rubber Boom years, c. 1880-1912; and since then the city has grown from appr. 20,000 to nearly half a million people. There are later private installations, of course, and there are on-going civic upgrades as well; but there is, as of Jan. 2013, no systematic and all-encompassing sewerage system in Iquitos. That is changing as we speak: Iquitos is on the verge of a new horizon in sewers. The question is whether the new system will be better than the old one.

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