Sunday, October 07, 2012

Iquitos, Peru: I'll be watching you

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I see things as I wander, and sometimes I even take photos of curiousities that amuse me. I looked at girl's costumes in a doorway, thought they were interesting, took photos, and didn't for the longest time realise they were for sale and that someone will buy them and wear them and use them for some private phantasy of silliness. I look at America and at times I can't believe what I see, thinking it weird but not worthy of thought. And then it hits me: it's actually real. There is a genuine market for such stuff as this, this leading from behind, this order of ours and our authority in the world seen as what it is.

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starr brite said...

Your book arrived today. You could write about a stagnant pond and describe it in such a way my head spins as to what your'e really meaning. I conclude after my head spins, you are indeed describing a stagnant pond.
But enough about Belen.
Your book arrived today - I will write a more damaging review once I have finished it.

Seriously, get the Ayahuasca one out asap.. This book so far is a most accurate and gripping, and informative description of Iquitos. Well done Sir.