Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iquitos, Peru: I am, therefore I eat

I was standing in the vegetables section of the local supermarket looking lovingly at organic yogurt and celry when I just happened to notice a very tall and correspondingly plump lady bending down at the chocolate milk and doughnuts section that I never venture into myself. I noticed her because as she bent over her shirt rose up over her middle and exposed across her arse a large tattoo in Latin: Cogito egro sum. Being that the vegetables were dangerously close to the chocolate milk for no good reason, therefore she and me being close too, I abruptly asked her if she speaks Latin. She looked at me bewildered. She said, “....” [Which I thought sounded very much like "Duh?"] So I said, “I saw your tattoo.” Then she said, “Oh.” And that lead me to say, “It's why I asked you if you speak Latin.” So she said, “You saw my tattoo and that's why you asked if I speak Latin.” Well. What a clever lady. That's why I said, “I like 'cogito' better without the 'g'. She said, “....” I responded, because she was speaking wordlessly, “ Coito ergo sum.” “....” she said, continuing with, “I really like his way of knowing himself and how it kind of expands his personal universe, you know?” Oh, do I ever, I didn't say. She said some other words. I said, “Without the 'g' it's 'Coito ergo sum'. It means, 'I have sexual intercourse, therefore I am'.”

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