Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9-11-12: Mr. Breivik has left the room . (Part One.)

All peace, as Chairman Mao puts it, grows out of the barrel of gun.

When one is done with the killing, then it pays to pay off the
survivors, giving them double reason for loving the peace. One without
the other is a waste. And most people won't involve themselves in
either pursuit, violence or money, without money being involved.
Hence, peace is a rare occupation. War generally doesn't pay so well.
Right-thinkin' folk do get it: Make violence pay. Give violence a
religious core of any sort, and on the road to peace we be. First we
win the war, and then the killing starts.

Peace is a good thing, and to have it one must rid oneself of those
who would make violence against the Order. Butt Butt Butt, then we
would be just like our enemies, they say with a scowl and a frown and
dramatically knitted brows, the 'look' practiced in the mirror after
watching 50s gladiator movies, the "really concentrating hard look"
just so we all know by the signs they're serious about their deep
intellectual analysis. Butt. Quite seriously, take a page from the
Algerian War and kill the wankers first. All "moderates" must die if
we are to have peace. Clear the board for the serious players to win or
lose the game and become the Order of Peace. Who cares who wins so
long as it's us. We don't want to be as bad as they are, we want to be
far worse so we win and they, who cares who they are, will be so
devastated by our violence they will not be capable of fighting us
further, and they will be so disillusioned with their previous beliefs
that they will flock to the new Order because it is demonstrably
stronger and therefore better and it pays cash money. This is peace.
We can talk democracy and perhaps morality later, but peace first.

Kill, kill, kill, and kill face-to-face so the enemy can see the men
killing them and have faces to fear and live to fear forever. Machines
don't do that job. Killing that isn't personal, man to stronger man,
is just accident. There is hope in 'death by machine', and that hope is
in getting better machines than the enemy has. There's no fear in
death by machine, only the resentment that lesser men have better toys
to kill with. Kill for peace face-to-face and the losers will long to
be on the side of the triumphant, switching sides to be a winner,
becoming "one of us" against their worthless own. Then there is peace.

Maintain peace by paying and letting the people make money. Kill those
who disrupt the peace of the people. Peace is money and terror.
Because we must kill in grander ways to make a lasting impression,
let's then forget the sentimentalities of terror and look at real
peace, what I am happy to call "Horrorism." Kill till the set clay of
culture is turned to dust, and then remold the work of man into a new
figure according to ones liking, the peaceful man. To the dust of the
pulverized defeated add the water of cash. One can create the peaceful
man therefrom. Smash, smash, smash till all that was the Good is now
the Horror. Then let the survivors become us and make a peaceful life
of making money.

Why do any such good thing for the world? No reason at all if it doesn't pay.
So make it pay. Kill for money. Make lots of money killing the enemy,
and then there will be perhaps even an excess of killing. But better
too much peace than too little. Peace is a good thing, and it is
especially good if one can make a living at it. One needn't count on
another's good heartedness, one can simply go out and make good money,
the Good coming from the happenstance of Horror.

Islam will be the religion of peace when we have destroyed the Muslim
will to live as they do now. That is, exercise Horrorism. Make money
by being masters of horror who bring a longer peace. Some might call
it murder. I say, "Off with their heads, these monsters who would
prolong the violence." Kill till the enemy is so sick of blood they
just can't take it anymore. St. Augustine argues roughly that, and I
find myself becoming happy about Christianity in the thinking about
it. Massacre is pity. Slaughter is mercy. Killing is charity. Why
bother? Because it should make one rich as well. And then the world
will also have some peace, including the world of Islam. Peace is a
good thing, and those who are against it, no matter what they say,
should be killed. Killing is sometimes a good thing, and really good
if it pays well, too.

The sentimentalist is a monster who must be slain. The true
humanitarian is a butcher. Make it pay and butchers will come a
running. Then there will be long peace till we have to do it all over
again. Peace. I love peace. Kill our enemies and we will have peace.
Kill them all and we will have lasting peace. Long live peace.


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Michael Crosby said...

I'm with you. Let's get started.

You know what those fucks are? A bunch of fucks who don't deserve to breathe the same fucking air.

Dag said...

Michael, I spent much of my evening here in Iquitos, Peru sitting with a dozen or so expat geezers like myself, (though I'm a young geezer,) and we chatted about all kinds of things interesting and amusing; but on our minds as we sat out in the warm and happy by the Amazon River is the fact that for many of us living in the jungle six days by boat from the nearest road in Peru is that our home, embassies, were attacked by our enemies and our own people were murdered. Even here it hits home.

Even here I want to hit back from here. Man, I really want to smash 'em hard.