Friday, May 18, 2012

Narvey on An Occasional Walker

Jonathon Narvey´s review in full of my book, An Occasional Walker, follows this excerpt. 

This collection of Walker’s writings from the No Dhimittude blog reads at times like a stream of consciousness from a scripture-quoting American Tea Party recruiter. There are diatribes against the Islamist threat that (belatedly) burst into the public’s consciousness on the day of the 9/11 attacks; rages against policies of civilizational suicide in the wake of non-assimilating (and occasionally openly seditious) immigrant communities in the West; odes to the oil companies; screeds against environmentalists; nostalgic looks back at shoot-first ask-questions-later cowboy role models.

But occasional breaks in the commentary clue you in that you’re reading something more akin to a work of art by a tortured soul; there’s pain there. Rejection. Grim anecdotes of survival amid gritty poverty. Descriptions of places that might be war zones or just some plain old slum that looks like a war hit it. Haunting slices of life as a derelict. Love in the shadows.

An Occasional Walker is a hard book. Sometimes amusing, other times perplexing; often surprising. Just stay away from the absinthe while you’re reading it.

Many thanks to Jonathon for the review.

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

They don't got's absinthe in South America!

Dag said...

No, and they don´t have coffee in the parts I haunt, either. I am stuck drinking either Nescafe (big yuck) or the local mate that makes my lips numb. They call it cocaina, whatever than means. It tastes like weak tea.

Once I move on to coffee land, say Columbia, then expect some real writing from this guy!