Monday, November 14, 2011

Cuzco from afar

I got to Cuzco after a 26 hour bus trip from Lima. I didn't realise at the time, but I had a bad case of siroche, or altitude sickness. That's a first for me. This is what Cuzco looks like as one approaches from a very fine highway, a miracle of Modern engineering and human accomplishment.

I didn't like being in Cuzco. I'm not a glizty tourist kind of guy, and the hustlers on the sidewalks drove me mental. I was looking for a place where people live. This is some indication of that as we rode in on the bus, a few of my fellow passengers vomiting and others sick and in pain.
This is more or less how the locals live, which isn't bad if one considers that needs are more or less simple, and much of our Modern world is a perversion of such. Still, it is good to be 'rich' in the sense I am, and I expect that Peruvians await the day when they have everything moreso and nicer. Till then, this is the tourist haunt of Cuzco far from the tourists.


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